The Hoosierdaddies is a show choir at North Central High School in Indianapolis. It is led by Frida Romero, who makes her first brief appearance in Lights Out. They compete against New Directions at the 2013 Midwest Regional Championship in All or Nothing.


Season Four

Shooting Star

In Shooting Star, The Hoosierdaddies are briefly mentioned by Will when he recieves the competition list for Regionals. Tina makes a snide remark that the name of their show choir competitor is very clever, as it is a pun on "Who's your daddy?"

All or Nothing

The New Directions are informed that the competition will occur in their auditorium rather than Indianapolis. The Hoosierdaddies compete against New Directions and the The Waffletoots at the 2013 Regional Championship with Frida Romero leading the show choir. Eventually, they land second place with the New Directions taking the top spot. Both of their numbers, Clarity and Wings, are high energy and include a lot of dancing, which impresses the judges. 

Known members

Songs Performed

Season Four

Song Episode Solos
Clarity All or Nothing Frida


  • Performers for the Hoosierdaddies include American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez , Matt Alyward, Brandon Binkly, Jared Murillo, Johnny Rice, Alex Blitstein, Evan Strand, Tamina Pollack-Paris, et. al.
  • There was supposed to be a scene where several members of the Hoosierdaddies spoke including Frida, but it was cut from the episode at last minute for unknown reasons.
  • On the description of the performance of Clarity uploaded to GleeOnFox, it calls the group "Who's Your Daddies" rather than "The Hoosierdaddies." Source
  • This is the second Glee Club from Indiana that has some relevance in the show, the first being Aural Intensity and the third Throat Explosion.
  • With only eleven members performing, the Hoosierdaddies should not have been eligible to compete.


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