The Justin Bieber Experience is a band formed by Sam Evans. The band performs Justin Bieber songs.

In Comeback, the band started as a one-man band with only Sam as the member. Sam formed the band in order to win Quinn back, as he felt as though they were growing further apart. The band's first performance was at a Bat Mitzvah, where Sam sang Baby in front of a bunch of teenage girls, who went crazy over him.


Performing "Somebody To Love"

Sam also performed in front of the Glee Club and Sue, in order to impress Quinn. The performance impressed not only Quinn, but also the girls of the Glee Club. Because of this, the boys of the Glee club (except for Finn) joined the band because they wanted to win back their partners after a "post-Valentine's Day lull." Puck, however, wanted to impress Lauren.

The members of the band wear Justin Bieber outfits, including hoodies and the Bieber Cut. Puck wears a Bieber Cut wig.

It is unknown about the fate of the Justin Bieber Experience. It was rumored they were still together, due to the fact that the members all sang Friday and Bella Notte later in the series, but they probably didn't call themselves 'The Justin Bieber Experience' anymore. The band is inactive, as the members graduated and all went their seperate ways.

Former Members


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