The Mack is a minor character on Glee. She is a student at McKinley and a member of The Skanks.

The Mack is portrayed by former So You Think You Can Dance contestant and all-star dancer Courtney Galiano.


Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

She is introduced in this episode as a member of The Skanks, a group of rebel girls. She introduces herself by stating the people call her "The Mack" because she likes to make out with truckers at rest stops. She bullies Rachel when she comes to talk to Quinn, and says she will pay Quinn ten bucks to beat her up for her.

I Am Unicorn

She can be seen bullying a girl with her fellow Skanks.

Asian F

She is seen at Brittany's pep-rally as part of the gym flash mob dancing in the back, during Run the World (Girls). The Mack and the Skanks were not seen for the rest of Season Three.


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