The Muckraker is the school newspaper at William McKinley High School. It was defunct for two years due to lack of interest, but Sue Sylvester revives the newspaper as a gossip rag.

The Muckraker's lack of concern with traditional fact-based news reporting is encapsulated in its motto: "If I heard it, it's probably true or something."


Season Two


Sue revives the newspaper with specially selected staff. Her main goal is to print inflammatory blind items about the Glee Club in order to cause chaos in the club. It publishes interviews with many students and staff members, including Will Schuester.

Season Four


A critic from the Muckraker shows up to the school's production of "Grease" in order to write a review. Although the club is initially worried, since the critic is feared for writing harsh reviews, they end up being rated positively.

Muckraker Staff


  • Three other unknown members appear when Sue is briefing them in Rumours, sat behind Brittany and Jacob.
  • Becky does not act as a journalist, but sells the newspaper in the corridors.
  • Despite the school paper being inactive for two years prior to Rumours, Quinn mentioned a school paper in Showmance, however this was most likely just a continuity error.
  • The title refers to a historical term meaning "to search out and publicly expose real or apparent misconduct of a prominent individual or business." Similar to what the school news papers does but to students or staff instead of a buissness


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