The Night of Neglect Benefit Concert is the benefit concert that is held in the The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. The Glee Club planned to sing songs by neglected artists, selling tickets to raise money.


The Glee Club has to raise money for both The Brainiacs, and their transport to Nationals. Rachel automatically puts herself in charge of organising the setlist for the benefit. Sunshine Corazon, lead singer for Vocal Adrenaline, offers to perform, saying that she can bring her 600 Twitter followers with her. Although initially suspicious, the New Directions accept. In preparation for the event, Sue creates the Heckling Club, intended to disrupt the event.

Before the event, Santana checks twitter, revealing that Sunshine and none of her followers are coming. The first performer, Tina, is badly heckled, and she leaves the stage in tears. To stop this happening again, Quinn hands out sweets to the hecklers in the interval. Mike then dances, followed by Holly's goodbye song to Will, and finally, the closing number is performed by Mercedes Jones.

In Charge of the Benefit

Benefit HeadsFinn Hudson and Quinn Fabray
Head of Talent Relations: Rachel Berry
Master of Ceremonies: Sam Evans
Sponsor: Salt Water Taffy
Performers (planned):




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