The Secret Society of Superheroes Club is a superhero roleplay club at William McKinley High School. Its stated purpose is to fight injustice, to right all of that which is wrong, and to preserve truth and justice in the halls of McKinley High.


Season Four


While Blaine sings Everybody Wants to Rule the World, he signs up to a a raft of  clubs including the Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club. He is shown dressed up as Robin, only with a bow tie and black cat ears.

Dynamic Duets

Blaine, as Night Bird, is shown as the leader of the club, with members Tina as Asian Persuasion, Sam as Blonde Chameleon, Joe as Tarantula Head, and Sugar as Sweet and Spicy. This club also includes other non Glee Club members.

The first agenda of the meeting is the induction of new members. The new members who auditioned were Artie as Dr. Y, Brittany as The Human Brain, and Becky as the Queen Bee.

During the same episode, the club adviser, Coach Beiste was shown wearing a costume while talking to Finn. She was dressed as the Beiste Master.

Season Five


Blaine is seen dressed as his alter ego during the Senior Lock-In, saying that that ocassion might be the last time he gets to be Night Bird, before he grows up and joins a "fetish club".



  • Members who say they have powers are Sweet 'n Spicy (money), Tarantula Head (lash at people with his hair), Dr. Y (wheelies), Asian Persuasion (manipulating people), and Queen Bee (her gun).
  • To be an adviser for this club, it is a requirement to dress up as a superhero at least once a week.
  • When Blaine Anderson was part of the Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club he was dressed as Robin from Batman, while in this club he took the alter-ego of Nightbird, character very similar to Nightwing, the superhero Robin became when he grew up in the DC Universe.
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