The Singsations was the former Glee Club of William McKinley High School. Their director was Lillian Adler. Will Schuester, who directs the New Directions, the current William McKinley High School Glee Club, was a member of the Singsations. Bryan Ryan and April Rhodes were also part of the Singsations.


Season One


Will stares at the Singsations' trophy from the 1993 National Show Choir Championships. He remembers his old show choir director, Lillian Adler, and resolves to form his own glee club.

When Will is conflicted over whether to apply for an accounting job, Emma reminds him of his performance with the Singsations. He remembers how happy he was, and realises that being fulfilled in life is more important than being rich.

Season Six


Figgins presents Emma with some footage of the performance The Singsations at 1993 Nationals that he found in the McKinley archives. This scene reveals how Emma got the video that she showed Will back in the Pilot to convince him to stay as the New Directions director.

Dreams Come True

The episode opens up with Lillian Adler giving a speech to the members of The Singsations about what the Glee Club is really about, right before they perform at 1993 Nationals. Her students, among which is a young Will Schuester, listen to her carefully. This scene is interspersed with Will, in the present day, getting ready to learn the results of 2015 Nationals. This was originally going to be the first scene of the show; it opened the Director's Cut version of the Pilot episode.


Known songs

  • Daydream Believer (1990's). Sung by Bryan Ryan.
  • Piano Man (Sectionals 1992). Sung by Bryan Ryan.
  • That's the Way (I Like It)/(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty (Nationals 1993). Sung by The Singsations.
  • Le Freak (Nationals 1993). Sung by The Singsations.
  • Disco Inferno (Nationals 1993). Sung by The Singsations


  • In the director's cut of the pilot, the Singsations are shown performing and winning at the 1993 National Show Choir Championship.


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