The Waffletoots are a show choir group from Zeigler Preparatory School in Cincinnati, Ohio that performed against the New Directions at the 2011 Show Choir National Championship and the 2013 Midwest Regional Championship, though not seen on screen in the first one. They placed third in both competitions.



  • They replaced the show choir group, The Nun-Touchables, after that group was excommunicated by the Pope over a sexting scandal.
  • They were third place in the 2011 National Show Choir Championship.
    • They are once again in third place but with different competitions.
  • They were portrayed by the Whiffenpoofs, Yale's all-male Glee Club.  It is possible that the name "Waffletoots" is a play on the actual group's name.
    • In the movie Girl Most Likely, Darren Criss' character Lee is a former Whiffenpoof.


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