• This thread right here has become the reason why you and I are so close right now. You and I have had so much together this summer and this winter that I hate that whenever you go, it's like it's hard when you aren't there. Our comments on the wiki, lol, I loved how funny you were and your personality was on point.

    You had a lot of mouth, tbh, but that's what I liked about you, that you're so honest and true and you say whatever you feel no matter whoever judges you. I know... that I've been through hell this winter, but you've been there to try to help me get through it, to be there for me, to spend your winter there to have fun and hang out with me. And indeed, The Twerk Team wiki was born, and look where it is now. 

    Kalleb, I love you, and.. you mean a lot to me and I'm so so so so grateful to have met you this summer of 2013, and maybe by the Spring of 2014 or the Summer of 2014, we'll turn up if you hang in there. I love you.

    Happy new years!

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