• Please,please,PLEASE tell me you watched last night's episode and you saw the preview for next week.Because I am in desperate need of someone to vent about this with.

    (And I love it when we talk about our shows xD)

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    • OMG GIRL! YES I WATCHED THE EPISODE!! (missed the first 13 minutes though.. So ugh...) But still watched it!

      That promo killed me.. I HOPE THE BABY IS OKAY! D:

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    • WHY WON'T JUDE TALK?! Like I don't understand what's wrong and it's messing with my mind.Like is it because of Callie having a sister or is it because of Connor and the fact that he may be gay? I just...I need him to speak.It just breaks my heart seeing him like this.And the way it's affecting Callie.And I nearly cried when he had that moment with Callie about her thinking she saw Liam.

      And omg I can't believe that Brandon told Lena about sleeping with Dani.I mean I honestly thought that he would confess to Callie before anyone else.So that took me by surprise.

      Jesus is getting on my nerves.Just all of it.Emma,the new girl he's with...whatever her name is.I'm sick of all of em.Like if I was Mariana I would go off on all of them.

      And then Callie and Wyatt.Gosh I hope this doesn't break them up.I just love them so much and like...I knew Callie wanting to have sex was a bad idea....just I hope they can get past this.

      And then the worst/scariest part...


      Like the worst part of the promo was when Lena told Stef she had enough hope for the both of Stef saying she doesn't believe that their baby can make it?! I just...I can't...

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    • I know right?! Ugh... I need him to talk... I know his reasons but dangit, it's hurting me and I'm sure everyone on the show that he doesn't want to speak. I know how he feels and has just shut off but noooo! D:

      I was SHOCKED that he told her. I was like "Oh sh!t!" Lmao, he was so high though..

      I really wanted Marianna to go off on all of them too. She's trying to fit in with those girls and is doing things to impress them and I'm like, nope. And plus, Jesus is being a dumbarse right now and is getting her involved since that new chick is her "friend". Marianna better just get them all together and tell them to f*ck off. Seriously.

      I knew she wasn't going to go all the way lol.. She just seemed like she wasn't going to do it. She said she was ready but really, she wasn't. AND THAT LIAM SCENE THOUGH! LIKE WHAT EVEN GIRL?! That was creepy... I hope that wasn't really him and just a figure of her imagination lol..

      She better not lose that baby! I'm scared she will though!! The promos keep hinting at that and the way Stef looks throughout it, makes it seem like she did! UGH! This can't happen! I have a tiny bit of hope left but still.. -sigh- :\

      Anyways, I'm ready for Monday to get here lol!

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    • I know it's def hurting Callie and Connor.Because Connor looked like he was about to cry in Lena's office and Callie has been blaming herself.Not to mention,she teared up when trying to get him to talk on the video game thing.

      My friend and I were talking as it was on and she was like "he's gonna tell her" and I was like "he wouldn't do that".And long behold,he ends up telling her.Like I wasn't expecting it at all.I literally almost fell off my bed.xD

      I'm just so irritated all of them.I'm tired of Jesus messing around with these girls and only caring about himself.I'm sick of Mariana trying to better herself to be in with those betches who she is sooo much better without.Like needs to be shut down.

      It was her imagination.Because when she turned back around she realized that it wasn't him.I actually thought they had actually had sex and like she was freaking out afterwards until she explained the whole situation to Daphne.Like I just didn't want it to happen at all because of the risks like getting caught or something.(But Wyatt naked that distracted me so much)

      I'm not gonna be able to handle it if she does.Like no.Hopefully,the doctors will just tell her it's a risky pregnancy and that she has to be very very careful so that she can carry to full term or something.But I swear if that baby dies,I'm gonna die.And then when I resurrect I'm gonna give out arse beatings and lollipops and I'll be all out of lollipops.

      But I mean promos can be tricky.I mean remember when we thought Peter (TW) was gonna die when he got stabbed with that knife..axe thingy? He survived that.So maybe Lena won't lose her baby.Maybe ABC Family is just trying to toy with us.

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    • That scene Connor had with Lena was breaking my heart ugh.. Like no.. Just.. Come on Jude! TALK!

      Lmao! Wow haha.. Totally shocked me too..

      This whole storyline aggravates me. It needs to end.. I need Marianna and Jesus to go back to who they were before and I need those dance betches to freaking leave.

      I was like "Oooo Wyatt's naked... ;P" lmao. But yeah, something told me Callie wouldn't go through with it lol. It definitely has something to do with Liam though. (Seeing Wyatt's actor in Finding Carter is SOOO weird though.. To go from him being on The Fosters to that AND flirting with girls on there is just so weird haha)

      UGH! True... And omg! I was so expecting Peter to die lol.. I was mad when it happened then that torch thing happened and he's all good lol. And hopefully she doesn't.. PLEASE DON'T LET HER LOSE IT! D:

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    • DUH GIRL! It's a new FAVE! I new I'd love it lol! I think I'll be okay when Glee ends tbh.. So many great shows lol! And Finding Carter is definitely on that list. :D

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    • lol I think I'll be okay too.

      I can't even talk about The I think I'll start crying again...or feel the urge to break something.

      But yess,to Finding Carter.Me and my friend talk to each other about the episode while it's on.

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    • We shall not mention that show for a while.. I'm still heartbroken.. I so wanted it to work.. And then that little girl with the stuffed animal RUINED me.. So nope. Another time.

      FINDING CARTER IS AMAZING!!! I missed the first 13 minutes (ughhhhh) but I caught the rest.

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    • But when she said the stuffed animal's name was Frankie and that's why they named the baby...I was an uncontrollable sobbing mess.But yes,let's move on.

      I missed like the first 20 minutes.But I caught the rest.Just yes.That show is awesome.It better get a second season.And then the preview for next week when the other twin sister is like "yes it does count!".Omg I can't wait.

      P.S....did you know that there is suppose to be another major death on TW? Like because I just found out there might be on Tumblr...and I'm just trying to figure out if I'm super late Idek.

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    • A second season should definitely happen! This show is too good not to get one lol! Can't wait for next week! :D

      WAIT WHAT?! No.. You're not late.. I AM! NOOOO! NO MORE MAJOR DEATHS MAN! UGH... D:

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    • IKR. I thought that after we lost Allison,that was gonna be it for a while.But apparently it may not be and like this one person on Tumblr came up with like 15 reasons why it could be Lydia who dies.And I just can't CAN'T WE ALL JUST LIVE?!

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    • Lydia better not die! That's just messed up if she does! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE LIVE ON THIS SHOW?! Oh wait... But still! I have so much doubt it would be her though.. My possible list of people to die before the end of the season: 1. That Mexican old hag Araya 2. Garrett and Violet (PLEASE!) 3. Deputy Jordan Parrish (he's so hot though..) 4. Braeden 5. Papa Argent 6. Meredith (if we see her again) 7. Kate (Doubtful... -_-) 8. DEREK

      That's my list of possible people to die. Plus, we gotta remember they consider several recurring cast members as "main characters" since they have major stories. Like Issac, Ethan, and Aiden from last season. And when they said we would have 2 main character deaths near the end, they meant Aiden and Allison. So it could be one of our major recurring characters to bite the dust. But if it IS someone from the main-main cast, my money's on Derek lol.

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    • Well I don't want to lose anyone from the main main cast or the recurring main cast.I want them all to stay.

      Nooo! I don't wanna lose Braeden.Pfft.Kate ain't going anywhere and if she does,she'll be back.Idk...I have mixed feelings for Garrett and Violet (don't judge me).Araya can def go but I don't see it happening.Considering they've killed off most of the Argents anyway...sure...why not kill Chris?! #notethesarcasm


      But Derek's death is possible because I heard Tyler H might be leaving but I heard the same about Holland so idk...

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    • It was just a random list I made haha.. But seeing as they teased a Derek death at Comic Con, he might be the one.. And apparently Lydia could also be on the brink of death but I'm holding on to dear hope that it is not her..

      THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO KNOW! Like omg.. When I saw his name I squealed lmao!

      And omg! I'm so happy that we get a larger Season 5 AND Dylan S. is staying on as a regular! :D I'm overjoyed lol! He might be the replacement on the regular cast list for Derek. It's starting to look likely that this'll be our regular cast next season:

      Tyler P. Dylan O. Holland (Possibly) Arden Shelley Dylan S.

      If Tyler H. and Holland do leave though, we'll only have 2 original members.. And Jeff did say there are several characters whose arcs are ending. He even teased Peter's final line in the series!

      SEE: "There’s “a lot of decision-making” in the coming weeks, Davis explained. “A lot of character arcs [are] coming to a finish. One of the last lines [Peter] says is, ‘It was my bite that changed your life; it’s my bite that can end it.’” (Spoiler alert: Peter was in full wolf makeup when he made that threat.)" [Source]

      So he might be dying OR just leaving the series.. UGH.. It's looking possible that this cast will phase out after season 5 or season 6 and the newbies will take over. OH AND HE DID SAY WE HAVEN'T SEE THE LAST OF DANNY SO OMG! Back to what I was saying.. I wouldn't be against the newbies taking over as the leads (since they are pretty interesting) but I would miss the older cast sooo much... This isn't like Glee where they should have phased the characters/cast out for newer ones though.. These were the set in stone CAST/CHARACTERS and it'll be weird if they do the whole switch-er-roo.. -sigh-

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    • And like I can't even find the words to function a long worded rant because that mid season trailer not only took my breath away but it left my stomach in knots.Like Melissa crying...Derek might be dying...Lydia telling Liam that not all monsters do monstrous things...Stiles comforting Lydia (*does a little Stydia fangirl*)..the Derek and Braeden sexiness...Malia making sure that Stiles is coming back (and I don't even ship them!)...Scott all battered and bloodied....Braeden being scared and crying with Derek...

      Like Jeff Davis must hate me because I seriously don't know how to function right now.Have you seen it?

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    • I JUST DIED A LITTLE INSIDE! SO PETER MIGHT BE THE BIG BADDIE AFTER ALL! HOLY SHIZNIT! UGH! I can't do this.. OMG! Each season just gets better and better! I can't even put my words together to express how I truly feel.. I didn't even know they released that promo! And now I'm so scared for Derek and everyone else.. Peter is definitely dying/leaving so I need to start preparing myself emotionally for that sendoff. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING!!

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    • I just...I need a moment. *exits the stage*

      -takes a moment-

      No,okay,just no.Peter can't just die/leave.And if he does Jeff better make damn sure that he finds a way for him to return.Because if Kate can resurrect and come back then Peter better do the same.Derek can't die either.And he better get his werewolf powers back.because what is TW if Derek isn't the big bad wolf?! (I mean sure I wouldn't call myself the biggest Derek fan but fanfiction has helped me evolve) and obviously Draeden is about to happen.So him dying would ruin that.Not only that but I really and I mean really don't think the show would flow that well without him.I mean losing Allison was one thing.But him too? Um how about no.

      And if Jeff feels like killing someone..hell..I hate to say it but kill off Kira or Malia (I love them but I rather them get killed than Derek or Lydia..hell I would have kept Allison over them...sorry but it's true).They haven't been on that long.He could just take them out just as easily as he put them in.

      But yeah obviously this season is gonna mess with my emotions just like 3B did.And I just...dear gosh..I was really kinda hoping I wouldn't be stuck crying alot this season.But...apparently that's not the case.

      And can I just say that if Lydia does stay for S5,that I would actually have no problem with her being with Liam.That trailer was enough to make me sorta ship them.I mean I still ship her with Stiles,Peter,and Parrish...but I just think Liam and Lydia could be something cool too.

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