• Since it seems like we are the only ones around here who likes watching the show, I'll just come over here once an episode airs XD

    So...  that death scene was intense.  I couldn't figure out if I should feel bad for her or not, but then I remember the rumor that she ate Bosco, so I feel good about her death.

    It makes me feel better about them pulling the show from Nick, because the probably would have had the creators change that up, because we even saw her eyes bulge and start going red.  It reminded me of Amon's death back in season one, where his brother made boat explode.  

    I'm hoping that these villians carry over into the next season, because three? more episodes will not give them enough justice.

    Also, I'm really hoping Toph comes back from her walking trip and show these people how to really kick ass.  Maybe Toph/Zuko/Katara for old times sake?

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    • Omg! I was like "DAMN!" when he pulled that move on the Earth Queen. I knew from the second he took the breath out of her and enclosed her in that sphere that she was going to die. Plus, the b!tch had it coming with all the crap she pulled AND the rumor of her eating poor Bosco. D:

      I sort of agree now with the Network pulling the show off air but they should have probably shipped the show to another network since they knew what it was capable of doing.. Other Networks would have let it air (any network owned by Viacom, like MTV). But its all good, we still have LOK! ^_^ I just wish Nick would fix their crappy video player so I can actually support the show on its site instead of going to others.. -_-

      I think that's where they're going with this batch of villains. We'll get 26 episode with them unlike the previous 2. It'll be a MAJOR arc and would definitely have a great ending to the show.

      Toph just needs to come back haha. Point blank. Seeing Zuko around brings back so many memories. Just waiting on a Katara/Zuko reunion! Then Toph can come back lol.. :D

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    • Yes!  However, if they do make it over the two seasons, that means we will be getting a major cliffhanger, and I can't wait a long time for that!  There was a rumor going around that they are trying to get book four out by December, so if that is true, I will be so happy.

      I've been watching the episodes on Youtube on my TV, then later having the episode play on the Nick website (so they get the views for it).  Saves me the hassle of their horrid video player.

      Also, someone posted where Toph is in a comic strip type thing, so I will give you it so you can see it.  I laughed so hard reading it!

      Where Toph Is Now

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    • Cliffhangers are my favorite kind of thing haha.. But then I get mad due to the waiting.. I totally contradict myself at times. :p

      I go to a different website. Didn't know it was on Youtube. I still try to play the episodes on Nick but I know it won't work, so I just try to give it more views then I go to the different website. :3

      I LAUGHED WAY TOO HARD AT THAT HAHA! Zuko's face at the end lmao! I can totally see Toph telling her children that bahahahaha. Omg.Thanks for sharing that. :p

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      That fight between Tenzin and Zaheer was freaking intense!  Tenzin was entering beast mode.  If Combustion Lady didn't disrupt the fight, I think he could have taken out Zaheer, Ming Hua, and Ghazan.  That man is crazy good.

      Bumi vs Ghazan was funny.  I liked how Bumi went old school, pulling his hair, biting him, and not really using his airbending.

      Kya vs Ming Hua was visually stunning.  I thought Kya should have done a bit better, seeing as her mom was at one time the greatest waterbender ever, but when Ming Hua did that creepy octopus spider thing... wow.  That really creeped me out.

      Overall, a phenomenal episode.  I'm sad that next week is the finale though.

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    • I AM NOT OKAY ATM! I just watched it (was busy yesterday) and I'm just.. Wow!

      Tenzin vs Zaheer: DAYUM! That fight was amazing! To see how strong an airbender can really be is frightening. Tenzin had him on the run haha. Just shows that Zaheer can't outmatch a REAL, lifelong airbender! And I agree, if that b!tch wouldn't have intervened, Zaheer & Co. would have been defeated. -_-

      Bumi vs Ghazan: We all knew Bumi didn't have any chance of winning against him haha.. But it was funny to watch.

      Kya vs Ming Hua: Same as with Bumi vs Ghazan. Kya was trained more as a healer than a fighter. Ming Hua is a brutal fighter AND has no arms to top it off. I think later in life, Katara focused more on healing than fighting and passed that on to her daughter. I'm sure she taught her a few more skills to protect herself, but not to the levels she learned. Ex: Blood bending. That octopus spider thing was AMAZING though. Like, Ming Hua is truly a badass.

      This episode alone surpassed most of the LOK series AND the original avatar series. This season definitely surpassed the other 2 but in my opinion, most of ATLA. Can't wait for next week! But then.. We'll on only have one more season.. :\

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    • P'Li's death was sooooo freaking gruesome. Hers and the Earth Queens. Like omg! I literally had to pause and rewind it to make sure that it happened lol! I was shocked!

      The Ghazan and Ming Hua's deaths happened in the next episode and I was screaming. (they are DEFINITELY dead) I can not get Ming Hua's scream out my head.. Ugh. I'll miss her lol. <3

      And what was with that random Metal City Guard that had a minor/major speaking role?! They made her seem WAY too important. I swear she's going to turn out to be evil and apart of the Red Lotus or some other group too. That was just way too suspicious for her to be a random character.

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    • I mean, she basically BLEW her head off!  So... should we count that as P'li killing herself, or give the kill to Su?  I really liked how the 'earthly tethers' or P'li being Zaheers tether, actually connected back to the original series, when Aang was unlocking his chakras, and one of them, the Thought Chakra I believe, involved earthly attachments, with Aang's being Katara.

      Speaking of which, Jinora now looks exactly like Aang.  I hope there is a bit of a time skip so she gets her hair back XD

      I totally predicted Bolin being a Lavabender instead of a Metalbender by the way.

      Ghazan/Bolin and Ming Hua/Mako was phenomenal.  Taking a step back though, the "water people" that Ming Hua created was creepy as hell.  I'm glad Mako remembered that he could shoot lightning, and electrocuted her.  Also, that wink that Bolin gave Ghazan was beautifully hilarious.  I kinda wish that Ghazan was a good guy, just because he seems really cool.  Him committing suicide (and finishing off Ming Hua I guess) just because he didn't want to go back to jail really showed how harsh he had it in there for all those years.  It also made me think back to season one when Tarrlok suicided and killed Noatak also.

      Crazy  Korra vs Zaheer was phenomenal.  It brought me back to Aang/Ozai.  It even actually looked like the place where they fought.  Korra platinum bending and lava bending in the Avatar state was cool to see as well.  My only issue is that supposively, Zaheer has been locked back up.  I wonder if a bloodbender chi blocked him or anything, otherwise he could still be a villian next season.

      The last few scenes with Korra were heartbreaking.  

      I'm feeling next season may be the last season of Avatar- ever.  With the visions of Amon, Unalaq, and Vaatuu making a reappearance.  Also, all the seasons so far of Korra have been hinting about possible life without the Avatar.  With Korra basically down for the count now, Jinora leading the air nomads, maybe Raava and Korra split, because the world doesn't need the Avatar to keep the balance anymore?

      The metal city guard, or Kuvira, and I'm hoping she's not bad.  She appeared in three episodes this season, episodes 5, 8, 12, and she's looking like possibly a major role next season.  Also,The ironic thing is, her voice actress is Zelda Williams, or Robin Williams' daughter.  So, we will see I guess!

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    • Technically, Su killed her. If it wasn't for Su's jacket, she wouldn't have died. BUT THAT WAS A TERRIBLE WAY TO DIE LMAO! Sooo freaking gruesome! And same here! I smiled when Zaheer was talking about that but then remembered that P'Li had just died so that was his "Earthly tether"... So I was heartbroken lol!

      I was literally crying when I saw Jinora with her hair shaved and tattoo's added on! She is a spitting image of her grandfather! It was such a nice shout out to Aang. :)

      Everyone predicted that lol. It was SOOO obvious. :p

      The things Ming Hua could do with her bending in general, was creepy. That woman was BADASS. Ghazan was actually the most "human" out of the 4 antagonists though and I really liked the guy. He could have gone good guy and I would have been soooo happy. But sadly, he is no longer with their world. And I think Mako had already killed Ming Hua. She looked to be fried to death.. I mean, lightening is really deathly and can kill in an instant. MIXED WITH WATER?! Oh hell yeah, she died right then and there haha. I was also getting so many feels when Ghazan committed suicide. Brought me back to season 1 haha. It must have been TORTURE in jail.. I kind of feel bad for them all.. But then I don't... :\

      I KNOW! I loved that fight! As I was watching it, I kept getting flashbacks of Aang and Ozai's. It was stellar! I really hate that people are saying she seems so week all the time. UM, HELLO?! She was POISONED haha! She couldn't fight to her best abilities. Like come on now.. Anyways, in my opinion, I think they should have killed Zaheer off as well. All his other major friends are gone so how about killing him too? Locking him up is just.. ugh! Or they can execute him for killing people and bringing chaos to the Earth Kingdom.

      Those scenes with Korra literally BROKE me. She has not had it easy at all! Since people want to continue to compare her to Aang, they should look at what she's gone through and then what he's gone through. Season 1: Lost her bending. Season 2: Lost the Light Spirit for a while AND then lost her past connections to the other avatars. Season 3: Almost died, the cycle of the avatars was about to be cut as well, poisoned, and now, her spirit is broken and she's severely hurt, confined to a wheelchair. She's had it so rough.

      I was also thinking about that. They have been really hinting at that. Those visions of Amon, Unalaq, and Vaatuu were great shoutouts to the other seasons. Everything kind of came full circle there. I really hope its not the last season of Avatar-ever. But most likely, it will be. :\

      WAIT WHAT?! She was in other episodes?! I didn't even notice that! And another WHAT?! Omg. Zelda Williams? That's so ironic.. Like omg. I had no idea! D:

      RANDOM ENDING FACT: The finale episode of season 3 (episode 13), was the 100th episode of the entire Avatar franchise. So no wonder they REALLY brought it in that episode lol! :D

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    • Wow, it has been a hundred episodes already?  Time seems to fly lol. 

      Yea, the woman was one of Su's dancers also, and had like one line in another episode, so we will see their big plans with her, because I know she will play some part in all this.  Some people were saying that they probably got her into the studio within the past two weeks since her dad died to have her record those couple lines, but they must not understand how animation works.  These episodes have been done for months, and they are almost done with Book 4.

      I'm tired of people saying that Korra is a horrible Avatar also.  She basically started her official duties a like a year ago.  Mastered the avatar state about 8 months ago.  She stopped a rebellion where the guy was taking bending away, stopped an evil spirit from plunging the world into eternal darkness, (true, she did start it) and saved the world from basically fallen into anarchy.  

      Aang ran away from his duties at the beginning, and didn't get really serious about it until the end.  Other times he was penguin sledding, riding a giant fish, that kind of stuff.  Roku basically started the 100 year war when he didn't kill Sozin.  Heck, Avatar Kuruk spent his time surfing, and did nothing else.  And his lady friend had her face stolen from Koh.

      Grey Delisle has to be one of the best voice actresses out there.  I mean, she has done Azula, Ming Hua, the spirit spider from book 2, the spirit mushroom from book 2, and so many other things on this show... and like a billion others.  Her voice for Azula and Ming Hua are both creepy.  I love her!

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    • Haha, yeah. Those people don't know it works. They recorded these lines in like late 2013 and some in early 2014. The animation part didn't finish till June. I here Book 4 will be complete sometime in November or December so it should start airing in one of those months or in the Winter of 2015. :D

      Exactly! This right here is what the Avatar is meant to do! Aang's journey was different. He had to take out a Tyrannical leader who was imposing doom on the entire world and had little to no skills in the other elements due to the fact he ran away from being the Avatar. He neglected his duties up until the end while Korra hit them straight on. Plus Korra's had it way more rough!

      I love Grey Delisle! She is one of the best voice actresses out there in this business. She can do almost anything! She better be getting paid her worth! Phenomenal woman!

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    • Ummm.....  Big news.


      It was rumoured for either December, or early 2015.  But  we get it in like... 3 weeks!

      And it is going to be called Book 4- Balance.  I like it.

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    • Haha I already know. I'm a little mad because that means its ending early now.. I wanted it to go into 2015 tbh.. :\

      But oh well, can't help that Nickelodeon is completely stupid in making decisions for LOK.

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