• Ariana Grande – My Everything (Deluxe Edition) 2014 Full Album Mp3 Download Link

    Ariana Grande – My Everything (Deluxe Edition) 2014 Full Album Mp3 Download Link

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    • Girl, I had that downloaded 2 days ago lmao! It was all over Youtube! I'm going to still buy it as well though. I just needed it in my life NOW hahaha! ^_^

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    • Haha. I didn't download it but I've been listening to it in full xD

      ITS SO CLOSE!!!!!!!! I'm getting it from Target cuz I want the two other songs

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    • That's where I'm getting mine too lol! I need a hard copy as well as a digital copy. Already got a digital copy lmao. ;)

      Two more days and I'm headed to Target for the CD! :D

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    • lol

      I preordered the album an iTunes (deluxe) before I saw there was a Target version with 2 additional songs! Same thing happened with Sam Smith! D; Like just put it all on the itunes version lol But now I can play it in my car without having to raise the volume up loudly xD

      AND YES!!!!!! I hate that it comes out when I start school, but it's the only that will get me through the day/week/month/year!

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    • ALSO! OMG! LEGEND! OF! KORRA!!!!!!!!!

      Honestly the fight was a let down, cuz nothing compares to Aang and the Fire Lord but it was pretty good. BUT YAY JINORA AND BOLIN!

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    • Sam Smith's album slays as well lol! Ugh! My money = going to such amazing talent for once lmao! Oh well! I need to support them!

      There fight was still badass. Korra was freaking POISONED and fighting his ass. She did PLATINUM bending and LAVABENDING. That girl was on beast mode. Sure it wasn't like Aang vs Ozai but come on now, haha. The angles they used were pretty amazing. And she would have killed him, unlike Aang. She was going all out. I loved it!

      Jinora looked like Aang at the end! I was crying man! CRYING! Spitting image of her grandpa!

      We all totally saw that coming with Bolin lmao! But it was still amazing!

      The way the bad guys (albeit Zaheer) died were pretty horrific ways to die. P'Li had her head blown to pieces (seemed like her body too because of the smoke), Ming Hua was electrocuted to death (wow Mako, I did NOT see that coming o_o), and then Ghazan freaking had the entire thing collapse on him and Ming Hua because he was afraid of going back to prison. (I give his death to Bolin though lol). They went all Kill-Mode on this season. FOUR major deaths. And all were gruesome.

      And finally, Korra broke me at the very end. She used tearbending on me with those tears of hers. Her spirit is broken and she's down for the count at the moment. :\

      Overall, this season was badass and made up for the lackluster season 2. They had some good episodes (like the ones with Wan) in season 2 but most of it fell short. So I'm glad they totally stepped it up in this book. Plus, they went back to only having one Animating studio (the original one) that brought out the best in the animation.

      Fun Fact: Episode 13 of book 3 was the 100th episode of the ENTIRE Avatar franchise. So I see why they went there with this finale and brought their all. Definitely amazing. <3

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    • Oh yeah I loved the fight and I love the angles on LOK, basically anything fight sequence in any animated movie/tv show I love because of how much effort goes into making it, it's fcking awesome!!! I think I missed the lavabending part, i thought it was fire lol

      But yeah, gurl poisned and still kicked ass!!!


      Yeah, I guess cuz I knew he wasn't gonna metal bend but I loved when it happened, still wish they would explain like how it happens or have him struggle when he fought the lavabender, but eh, it was still awesome!!

      OMG! THE COMBUSTION GURL! I SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The no arm water bender (i just found out she had no arms in the finale) I WAS LIKE "OH RIGHT, HE KNOWS HOW TO SHOOT LIGHTNING" the lava bender was "you are such an idiot" -i don't know their names- SERIOUSLY! IT WAS THE SEASON OF DEATH NOT CHANGE LOL

      "TEARBENDING" YES!!!!! Ugh, kill me why don't you ;w;

      Yeah S2 was ok, it was interesting seeing the origin of the Avataar, I did like the fight, Jinora and Tenzin in the Spirit World, and Korra loosing connection with her past lives. 

      OMG REALLY?????!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Don't forget the Su and Lin scene before Combustion woman died, ;w; <3333 I hope Su is around for S4

      I thought she had arms and were like behind her when she didn't have water, so I didn't think anything of why she used water as an extension of herself. And then in the finale, I was like "wait. did mako take her arms off? no, wait. did she not have arms. like ever? o.e"

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    • Ming Hua (the one without the arms) never had arms lmao. I was accidentally spoiled that before the season even aired! (Thanks Youtube) But yeah, she was AMAZING and may she RIP. One of a kind! She had to have trained REALLY hard to master that. The b!tch was crazy when it came to waterbending lmao! Ghazan (lavabender dude) must have been very traumatized in jail to want to commit suicide. I love how they had us kind of sympathize with these antagonists throughout the season. Then realizing their goals were kind of... F!CKED UP lmao.. made that sympathy fade a little. But their deaths will go down in Avatar history, that's for sure! :p

      And yes really. I was mad that this show only gets 52 episodes while the other one had 61 and when I counted the episodes until the finale of season 3, it was 100 total so I freaked out for a bit lmao. Sadly, looks like the final 13 episodes of season 4 will be it for the Avatar franchise (on screen). :(

      The scene between Su and Lin was really sweet. Lin was going into it ready to die.. It would have BROKEN me beyond repair if she would have died. I'm glad it was only P'Li to die. But yeah, did not see Su doing THAT to her... Holy sh!t lol.

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    • Oh really? 

      And honestly, I really didn't understand their goals and why they wanted Korra. Cuz I didn't trust Zaheer when he was talking to Korra in the spirit world. Just like, they wanted to get rid of all avatars? But yeah, their deaths = legendary, cuz I only remember a few from ATLA, thought I was half expecting Ming Hua to blood bend Mako when he was like "you have no more water left" since we know water benders (well Katara) can do it without the assistance of a full moon.


      Aww. I would love for them to continue and do two more spin offs, earth born avatar and fire born avatar and come up with something insane to end the whole series.

      I loved this season but there were holes in it /:

      UGH, SERIOUSLY! IF THEY KILLED OFF LIN I WOULD'VE DONE NOTHING BUT CRY!!!!!!! Same, I thought Su was gonna knock her out, like hit her head or something, but then I saw the armor and every time it closer i was like "no, wait, is she, omg, what, really, no, omg, oOMG, OMFG, WHAT OMG WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT" haha

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    • I really wanted to see Ming Hua blood bend too lol. But I guess she didn't master that. But, waterbending with no arms alone is definitely amazing lol.

      Zaheer apparently studied a lot on the air nation and shiz. The ones who brought him down before he had airbending already knew that. He must have envied the air nation and what they were. So once he actually was able to bend air, he was already a force to be reckoned with. I DID NOT SEE THE FLYING COMING THOUGH! Like holy banana's! That was one major twist!

      The way Nickelodeon has been treating this show is deplorable. I'm sure they're not going to continue with any more Avatar-related series unless they want to keep it online, which is a slim chance.

      What kind of holes? Explain.

      Lol! I had to pause the player several times and rewind to make sure it really happened lmao! It was so unexpected! That is definitely a terrible way to die. I'm getting chills just thinking about it lol. That was one explosive scene. ;)

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    • I wouldn't mind if they put the show on Netflix -cuz i have it- or Hulu or something where it's more marketable cuz they really could do a lot with the show.

      Like the little things, I wanted more background on the Red Lotus. I literally didn't believe a single thing Zaheer said to Korra in the spirit world cuz none of it really added up to me. The whole lavabending part for Ghazan. Like we know how Metalbending works but like, how did Ghazan learn to heat up the rocks like that. What happened to Ming Hua's arms!!!!!!!! How they were all individually captured (maybe they said that but i don't remember). WHAT EXACTLY WERE THEIR PLANS! Like one episode just to the Red Lotus would've been perfect to explain all of their stuff. Who were the men at the end watching over the airbenders. There were a few more but I don't remember much. I wish LOK had more episodes cuz ATLA had about 20 episodes so they could devote an episode to something outside of Aang and it was great because it tied up some loose ends.

      The flying was awesome! I feel bad for Tenzin, cuz he may be a master but he can't do a lot of stuff.

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    • 1.) They only have 13 episodes to focus on this story and had way much more to handle. I'm sure if they had 20 episodes like the other series, they would have been able to go deeper into the Red Lotus' background.

      2.) Zaheer is a master of words and manipulation. That was definitely proven throughout the season. So what he said to Korra was most likely bullsh!t. You can tell at the end where he was freaking out because she wasn't dead.

      3.) I wish they would have explained the lavabending too but like I said, 13 episodes and all and already had enough to handle.

      4.) The backstory with Ming Hua's arms is the same as with the lavabending. Time, etc.

      5.) They could have had a scene or two to tell us exactly what their plans were. I think they sort of did somewhat though. They just wanted to world to find its own without the guidance of an avatar and world leaders. That was their major goal. (Example: Killing of the Earth Queen)

      6.) The men were apart of the Red Lotus apparently. I think they also said that.

      So yeah, I wish they had the 20 episode in each of these seasons because they would have been able to tell more story and focus away from Korra and co. like the other series did. But we still got a great story and action so I'm pleased.

      The main reason I feel as if they aren't going to do another Avatar-series is not because of Nickelodeon but because of the story they have been trying to get through these past three seasons. And that is basically that some people don't want to world to have an Avatar and are trying to get away from that era. So I'm thinking that the Avatar-cycle might still be cut off at the end of season 4, ending the entire Avatar era. I mean, when I saw the other three antagonists of the first and second seasons in Korra's vision and how they were talking about the Avatar being no more, I couldn't help but think that was what they are trying to set up. So yeah.. >.>

      Also, I feel bad for all the other air-nation people (pre-LOK) because none of them could unlock it and even Aang couldn't do it. (that's because he probably didn't know about it since he did run away from more studies and shiz). Jinora might be able to unlock it sooner than Tenzin since its been shown she has more knowledge than him at times. (which is SOOO cool lol) But yeah, some random guy who isn't even apart of the air nation and luckily got the bending can unlock it and the others can't. That HAD to have hit Tenzin hard lmao.

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    • I know, the the amount of episodes sucks when it's a half hour miniseries cuz they can't take too much time away from the central story. Like it was great to see what the new air nomads were doing but at the same time it was kind of filler since the a few notable things were: they don't like Tenzin as a teacher till later (we got that from Korra) and Jinora wanted her tattoos. And if you missed the episode you didn't miss anything really important. So that could've been split with the Red Lotus. Cuz as much as I love RL I just didn't know what they wanted till the finale and it was pretty much "let's kill the avatar cuz we don't need her" which is what's happened pretty much every season of LOK.

      And yeah, if S4 ends with the end of the Avatar cycle, I wouldn't be surprised at all because it's been set up that and each season has gotten closer to happening.

      And yeah I hope Jinora masters it, she a beast. Though tbh I thought they were born with tats, even when I watched ATLA, cuz it's like how old do you have to be or what do you have to do to be worhty of getting the tats?

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      • Drops in because of the Korra talk...

      I can actually answer a few of these questions cause I'm a nerd and all that jazz XD

      The lavabending is basically because lava is molten earth.  He is just inducing a phase change similarly to Ming Hua changing the water to ice/steam etc.  This, however, doesn't explain how Firebenders can shoot lightning though.

      To get the airbending tats and become a "master," an airbender has to master all of the  forms, as well as invent an airbending technique.  Aang invented the air scooter, Tenzin improved on the air scooter, and Jinora did Astral Projection.

      Tenzin and Jinora both won't be able to to fly because they have attachments that will keep them "grounded."

      I think I am in the minority, but I think Zaheer was telling her the truth when they were in the spirit world.  The four of them would have kidnapped her when she was younger, and then trained her in the ways of the Red Lotus and teach her bending.  Zaheer would have taught her airbending, because although he wasn't an airbender, he knew the techniques from studying them and Lahima.  They would teach her than anarchy is good, and she wouldn't know different, because she would still be a kid.  Since she had grown up, it was too late to train her, so they had to go ahead and kill her.  Killing her in the Avatar state would be the best choice, because then they cycle would be over for good.  They could have tried and killed her when she wasn't in the Avatar state, but then they would have to go search Earthbenders that were born to try and find the next Avatar.

      My lingering questions would be if Ming Hua could bloodbend, cause it has been shown that you don't actually need to move arms to do it, but with your eyes it is possible.  Also, can a combustion person actually bend fire, or only make explosions?  And where does the third eye come from?

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    • Isn’t it funny how the elements that brought the Red Lotus freedom led to their ultimate demise? I love poetic endings.

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    • @Vividclyde, thanks for that insight! :D

      @Brian, lmao! I didn't even notice that! Nice catch! That is seriously funny as hell bahahahaha! Very clever, writers. ;)

      And Brian, no hunny. They are not born with their tats lol. Its been stated many times before I believe. :p

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    • I know it's been stated, but it slips my mind

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    • Ah. Okay. :p

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