• Hi there. Can you help me please?

    Is there any particular reason that user Muhdika has twice deleted some photos that I edited on my own, from my own Glee Blu Rays, that I had then added to the Sebastian Smythe page? Am I not allowed to add to the Wiki? If not. I truly apologise, but nobody deleted the photo I added on 6th June (Bastian & Blaine), so I wondered what was the problem with the ones I added last night, and the night before, too? The photos took me a while to edit and post, and they are all my own, property, so I'm a bit perplexed. I added 10 photos, then woke up and every one had been deleted.

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    • Hey there, as far as I can see is, that Muhdika deleted them because they were already in the gallery. If that´s the case, then there is nothing wrong with it, because we don´t need the same picture twice in the gallery. Maybe you can show me the pictures and we can look together if there are already in the gallery or not.

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    • Hi there.

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I like to be as offline as possible during the weekend, so I'm only just seeing your message. Your wonderful colleague SilverFlight actually helped me to sort this nightmare out. As I said, the photos were all my own. Rendered and edited, entirely from my own Glee Blu Rays, and not a single one of the 10 photos I had uploaded was already in the gallery. The problem seems to have been that for some off reason, when I uploaded them, they were uploaded twice, so there were duplicates of all 10 images in the Special Images section. I have no idea what went wrong there. I sincerely apologise for causing hassle.

      After we had established the problem, Silverflight successfully deleted all of my photos, and  suggested I try to re-upload them all. As I was so stressed about the emtire situation, I decided to hold off on doing that, until after I had had a stiff drink, and some time away from being online, so I intend on posting them again today. They are all on an external hard drive at home, so if you like I can PM them to you, for you to check them over if you like. Just let me know how I go about doing that.

      Thank you so much for getting back to me. Silverflight was absoluytely brilliant at offering her assistance, and made me feel so much less upset than I was when I awoke to find out that all 10 of my photos had been deleted by another user, for what seemed to be no good reason.

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    • That´s great to hear and I´m happy the problem is solved. Thank you so much for your effort here :-)

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