• Hi! I'm just wondering why you removed the images I placed for Jesse and Sunshine? I replaced Jesse's with a higher quality picture from the same episode and Sunshine's with one from her final episode instead of a fanmade image. Is it against the rules to change them? If so, it won't happen again.

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    • I don't usually meddling on another user editing conflict

      But i think the main reason why user Muhdika replacing your picture because it didn't meet this wiki current guidelines. For example, both of those picture are horizontal and contain a glimpse of another character (in this case, is Rachel Berry). If you looking closer, all of the main and recurring character are using a vertical picture for its profile, as well as didn't contain any another character presence.

      To solve this, i cropped those picture of yours, as well as giving it a proper file naming. Hope you don't mind.

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    • Ohh, alright. I had no idea, thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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