• I’ve been wanting to become a discussion mod on the Glee page for a while now since there are none. And there are no active admins on there to nominate people

    And wondered if you could consider me in a Mod role?

    Originally I wanted the role to add to the rules and make discussions main page tidy, and kind

    Now many none Glee fans clutter posts and i have seen antagonist bullying and homophobic comments that need to stop.

    The discussions page has gotten busy and needs a mod and I’d like to become one

    Thank you

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    • Hi there

      Thank you for the concern. As for now, i haven't really much pay attention to the discussion section. However, i see there's are some innapropiate comment and discussion. And yes...i noticed that you and Holamigo are the most active on the disscussion section.

      Since we didn't have an active discussion moderator...i gave you the discussions moderator role. Good luck with it!

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    • Thank you very much for this

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    • A FANDOM user
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