Thurston High is a public high school that David Karofsky transferred to before the start of Season Three. The mascot is a dragon and the school colors appear to be blue and white. It made its debut in On My Way, the fourteenth episode of Season Three

Season Three

The First Time

Kurt asks Dave how his life is, at his new school, David says he's enjoying it because he can finish high school and play football, without worrying about his teammates spreading rumors about his sexuality.


Dave meets Kurt Hummel at Breadstix to reveal that he is Kurt's secret admirer, but soon discovers that one of his new football teammates, Nick is also there with his girlfriend for Valentine's Day and heard their conversation.

On My Way

After the events of Heart, Karofsky finds that his locker room locker has the word "fag" written across it in pink spray paint. It's evident that Nick told the rest of the football team what he overheard at Breadstix. The entire football team mocks Dave and then they along with other students from the school continue the bullying through Facebook which drives him to later attempt suicide. While at the hospital, Dave tells Kurt that he's not going back to Thurston.

Known Students


  • Although an actual Thurston High School did exist at one time in the small town of Thurston, Ohio, the building is no longer a school.


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