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About ME!! xD

Well... there's not a lot about me to talk about. I'm just an average boy who is totally obsessed with GLEE!! xD (BTW, I tend to use double exclamation marks after most of the words. They were described as excitable by Drew xD <3) Well, I'm an easygoing guy. If you're nice with me, I'm definitely going to be nice with you. Usually I make a lot of questions. So, I consider myself an annoying person :P But anyways, I'm still friendly and cool. So whenever you want to talk with me on chat just do it ;) I don't bite :P xD

My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Episodes

Season 1: Journey

Season 2: New York

Season 3: On My Way

Season 4: Shooting Star

My Favorite Songs Per Episode

Season One:

  1. Pilot: On My Own
  2. Showmance: Take a Bow
  3. Acafellas: Bust Your Windows
  4. Preggers: Taking Chances
  5. The Rhodes Not Taken: Maybe This Time
  6. Vitamin D: Halo/Walking on Sunshine
  7. Throwdown: Ride Wit Me
  8. Mash-Up: Bust a Move
  9. Wheels: Defying Gravity
  10. Ballad: Crush
  11. Hairography: Hair/Crazy in Love
  12. Mattress: Smile (Lily Allen)
  13. Sectionals: Don't Rain On My Parade
  14. Hell-O: Hello, Goodbye
  15. The Power Of Madonna: Like a Prayer
  16. Home: One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home
  17. Bad Reputation: Total Eclipse of the Heart
  18. Laryngitis: One
  19. Dream On: I Dreamed a Dream
  20. Theatricality: Bad Romance
  21. Funk: Give Up the Funk
  22. Journey: Over the Rainbow

Season Two:

  1. Audition: Empire State of Mind
  2. Britney/Brittany: The Only Exception
  3. Grilled Cheesus: One of Us
  4. Duets: Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy
  5. The Rocky Horror Glee Show: Time Warp
  6. Never Been Kissed: Teenage Dream
  7. The Substitute: Singing in the Rain/Umbrella
  8. Furt: Marry You
  9. Special Education: Dog Days Are Over
  10. A Very Glee Christmas: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  11. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle: Thriller/Heads Will Roll
  12. Silly Love Songs: Firework
  13. Comeback: Take Me or Leave Me
  14. Blame It On The Alcohol: Don't You Want Me
  15. Sexy: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
  16. Original Song: Loser Like Me
  17. A Night Of Neglect: Turning Tables
  18. Born This Way: Somewhere Only We Know
  19. Rumours: Go Your Own Way
  20. Prom Queen: Dancing Queen
  21. Funeral: My Man
  22. New York: For Good

Season Three:

  1. The Purple Piano Project: We Got the Beat
  2. I Am Unicorn: Somewhere
  3. Asian F: Fix You
  4. Pot O' Gold: Take Care of Yourself
  5. The First Time: Tonight
  6. Mash Off: Rumour Has It/Someone Like You
  7. I Kissed A Girl: Constant Craving
  8. Hold On To Sixteen: We Are Young
  9. Extraordinary Merry Christmas: Extraordinary Merry Christmas (Song)
  10. Yes/No: We Found Love
  11. Michael: Smooth Criminal
  12. The Spanish Teacher: La Isla Bonita
  13. Heart: Love Shack
  14. On My Way: Cough Syrup
  15. Big Brother: Somebody That I Used to Know
  16. Saturday Night Glee-ver: How Deep Is Your Love
  17. Dance With Somebody: So Emotional
  18. Choke: Shake It Out
  19. Prom-A-Saurus: Take My Breath Away
  20. Props: Flashdance... What A Feeling
  21. Nationals: Tongue Tied
  22. Goodbye: You Get What You Give / Roots Before Branches

Season Four:

  1. The New Rachel: New York State of Mind
  2. Britney 2.0: Everytime
  3. Makeover: Celebrity Skin / Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  4. The Break-Up: Don't Speak / The Scientist
  5. The Role You Were Born To Play: Everybody Talks / Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
  6. Glease: You're The One That I Want
  7. Dynamic Duets: Some Nights
  8. Thanksgiving: Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time / Gangnam Style
  9. Swan Song: Being Good Isn't Good Enough / Don't Dream It's Over / Being Alive
  10. Glee, Actually: None
  11. Sadie Hawkins: Locked Out of Heaven
  12. Naked: Love Song
  13. Diva: Girl on Fire
  14. I Do: Anything Could Happen
  15. Girls (And Boys) On Films: Shout
  16. Feud: I Still Believe/Super Bass
  17. Guilty Pleasures: Creep
  18. Shooting Star: Your Song
  19. Sweet Dreams: Next To Me
  20. Lights Out: Longest Time
  21. Wonder-ful: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
  22. All Or Nothing: TBA

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Tonight We are young So let's set the world on fire We can burn brighter than the sun

With a taste of your lips I'm on a ride I think I'm ready now

You've Been Hit By, | You've Been Struck By A Smooth Criminal

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