aka Jay

  • I live in Sweden
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Student at GTV Gamleby and part-time writer
  • I am Male

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How Being in Glee Club Changed the Characters

  • Will Schuester: Found his true passion and eventually love and freedom.
  • Emma Pillsbury: Overcame her OCD with support and love from Will and their friends.
  • Mercedes Jones: Comes to explore her talent and later live her passion.
  • Kurt Hummel: Built the courage to get beyond his weaknesses.
  • Tina Cohen-Chang: Slowly transitioned from a shy and intimidated girl to a confident and self-dependent woman.
  • Artie Abrams: Improves his talent and self-confidence despite being in a wheelchair.
  • Rachel Berry: Learned to appreciate not just her own talent but others' as well.
  • Finn Hudson: Found his meaning in life before it ended.
  • Quinn Fabray: Find herself a group of friends who help her grow and strengthen her personality.
  • Santana Lopez: With support from her friends, comes to accept her homosexuality.
  • Brittany Pierce: Becomes more comfortable with her odd personality and gradually becomes appreciated.
  • Matt Rutherford: Discover his liking in dancing and performing.
  • Mike Chang: Dance comfortably outside his bedroom.
  • Noah Puckerman: Slowly grows out of the sexually-driven Lima loser persona and become a better man.
  • Sam Evans: Finds the strength to overcome poverty with support from his peers.
  • Lauren Zizes: Shortly part of a nice group that gives her friends who inadvertently help her find opportunities in life after leaving glee club.
  • Blaine Anderson: Comes across true love followed by hardships that shape his personality.
  • Rory Flanagan: Finds himself a family while living in the US.
  • Sugar Motta: Finds joy in glee other than being full of herself.
  • Joe Hart: Accepts and explores what may not be appreciative by Christians while retaining his faith and later explores his passion in music.
  • Unique Adams: Finds peeps who accept her for her differences.
  • Marley Rose: Comes to learn how to sing in public and explore her talent of song-writing, and also finds her power to overcome some of life's hardships.
  • Jake Puckerman: Finds a place to belong.
  • Kitty Wilde: Leaves her bitchy attitude to become a better person and later lead the renewed New Directions.
  • Ryder Lynn: Be appreciated despite being dyslexic.
  • Roderick: Find a place where judgment doesn't come to pass.
  • Jane Hayward: Finds a place to help fight for righteousness.
  • Mason McCarthy: Finds a place to express himself with music.
  • Madison McCarthy: Finds a place to express herself with music.
  • Spencer Porter: Finds the courage to do what he likes in music.

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