Rassilon of Old

aka Rass

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is television producer
  • I am in formation 🐝

Hi! I am Rassilon of Old (previously known as Will94), and I've been around on Wikia since May 2010. The first wiki I edited on was the Jak and Daxter Wiki, before joining the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki where I am currently an administrator. I am also a fanon administrator at Avatar Wiki's Fanon Portal.

My home wiki, and where most of my edits are, is Young Justice Wiki, where I am a bureaucrat and administrator. You can also find me on Community Central.

Who am I in real life? In real life, I enjoy hobbies such as writing, reading, swimming and playing soccer. I am currently studying towards achieving my HSC. I am also a lifeguard at my local beach.

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I watched all three seasons of Glee in about three weeks, and I loved every minute of it. Kurt is by far my favorite character; he's absolutely inspiring, brave, courageous, proud, and Chris Colfer has an amazing voice. I also hold his same spiritual beliefs, but I like to think I'm more accepting of religion than Kurt was.

My favorite episode of Glee, although hard to choose, would be "Born This Way", because of the lessons it teaches; love yourself and all of your insecurities. Also Kurt moves schools, so YAY!

My favorite song would without a doubt be the New Directions' performance of "Bad Romance". The costumes (pictured below), the lighting, the set, the choreography, Kurt; it's amazing. I also really like Blaine's cover of "Teenage Dream", as well as anything Chris Colfer sings. :P

Glee Gaga
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