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Hi to all those gleeks out there. You've stumbled across my profile page :) Please keep in mind that with every new episode i will be adding my fave songs from the episode, so it might be a bit long to read :( sorry but i will try my best to make it as short as possible as i can.As a last note for you all, I'm remaking my profile so it might take me a few days to get this thing up and running as well as looking good.I try to make it personal and interesting as well.

Get over it

Things to do while on here

  1. Make an awesome profile
  2. Add heaps more pictures
  3. Contribute more foten ( check out my last profile,  I don't use it anymore though. I find this one eaiser)
  4. still support the friendship between Tina & artie
  5. Also support the crackship between these coupples ( sorry for the bad spelling) Kitty & Artie along with Sam & Tina
  6. Make awesome friends who love glee the sam amount as me
  7. Make at least spam team, Chat mod or anything I would be happy with
  8. Be on chat everyday ( I can't promise that)

Anyway onto the profile

I first started to watch Glee when it first came on. So the very first episode The polit (1x01) now when I look at other profiles they say they've been watching Glee since Showmance (1x02) or other episodes but not me.I'm a hard core Glee shipper.

I may not agree with everything with what they do with some of the episode's or the song slections but I will always watch Glee.

So that's an Introduction to my profile, here's some random facts about me

Here are 15 fun facts about me

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