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Valerie for UG99

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Tumblr lpa0tyYcHW1qj2wix This user is a huge Damsay Fan.

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NUP 143529 1292 This user wants Lindsay to win The Glee Project
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My OTP is Quick
Quickfan This user is a huge Quick fan.
This user loves Quick.
Puck and Quinn food fight♥ This user demands Quick in Season 3
This user loves Quick
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This user thinks we need more Quick hugs
This user screamed OMG!!! when they saw Quick kissing in I Kissed A Girl
Puckquinn This user supports Quinn and Puck together,
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This user will forever be a huge Quick fan.

friends here on Glee Wiki

Artieandtinaforeva - 1st friend here helped me with lots of things

GleeGirl - my sis. SHE IS QUINN we both love quick and quinn WE GET ALONG SO WELL

Bleghh!!! - got of on a rough start but HE IS SOOOOO COOL GO GIFISH

Quinn dianna gleek - my sis rachel in my roleplay lalalalalove her

Star9999 - really nice LOVES BRITTANY go chat with her

Puckelberry4ever - WE are bffls in real life she is sooooo nice she is new so plz go i want her to find lots of bffs

SwimmingGleek - really nice BFFS wit her loves finchel

Beatlesgleefan - ultimate fabson loveah!!!

Gleek.0- really cool dont mess with mercedes HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!

go and chat with these guys they are really nice :D

About me

Hi i am ultimategleek99 i love to watch glee and i cant wait to see more songs my favorite glee characters are Santana and Quinn. The only couples that i ship are!

fav songs by episodes

userboxes (sorta)


Finchellove Quinnlove QuickloveNoluck

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