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  • A Gleek Like iSteven

    With my first episode done (Click here to read!), I am starting to lay out my season.

    I realize I need more characters! They need to fit one of these descriptions:

    1. Ten skanks. They don't need much of a background. Just a name, an appearance, and a portrayer. Instead of storylines, put a short line they can use to describe themselves. They will eventually join the Troubletones.
    2. Two male New Directions members. They must be hockey players.
    3. ALREADY EXECEPTED! A friend/rival for Rachel in New York. Must be a singer.
    4. Recording studio manager. Mercedes's annoying boss.
    5. A sister of one of the #2 people that steps in at Sectionals.

    You can suggest as many people as you want in the comments below. Use this form:


    Description #:


    Possible Solo (f…

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    Okay. Now that the first half of the 2012 SGA's are complete... (results below)

    Ultimate Admin- Svwiki99

    Friendliest User- Aprilscherz

    Funniest User- IiLoveKlaine

    It is time to start the Glee-related awards! So nominate the categories!

    (Ex. Best Rachel Solo, Best Competition Song-Wise, etc.)

    SO yeah, I'm looking for original categories like the ones above. Not any that are from the GWA's, these need to be original. Enter in the comments.

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  • A Gleek Like iSteven

    Hey guys this is the last round of voting for the users!

    After the GWA's are over, the Glee-related awards will begin!


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  • A Gleek Like iSteven


    VOTING ENDS JUNE 11, 2012!!!

    Tell me in comments when you vote

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  • A Gleek Like iSteven

    Hey fellow Glee wikia friends! With Sasha's permission, I have decided to create the SGA's, the Steven Gleek Awards. There will be different categories, including user and admin nominees.

    I have to wait until the GWAs are over to start the Glee-related awards, so the three categories to vote for right now are:

    Vote 4 your friends, and you may campaign for others, but not for yourself.

    If putting someone's real name, please also put their username as well


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