Season 1 is the first season of Glee 2.0, the spin-off of the hit TV-series Glee. New episodes will premier every Friday on Disney Plus starting sometime in 2026. The season will consist of 20 episodes including a 2 hour series premier. The Premise of the season is that after 10 years of a successful school of the arts built around Glee, Will Schuester has launched a celebrity Glee league, at least one celebrity is required, regardless of fame. Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Mercedes, and others join together to form The Original Directions consisting of all the original members of the new directions.


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1."When one door closes, Another one opens" 2026 6.7
As Kurt, Blaine, and the others are living their best life in New York, they see on TV that Will Schuester their former teacher is starting a new Glee competition for celebrities. After seeing this an idea is sparked, and they call up everyone to ask them to start up their new Glee Club. But as they call Brittany they get some very dissapointing news. They all return home to Lima to honor and remember Santana Lopez, and Brittany changes her name from hyphenated to just Lopez in honor of her wife gone too soon. This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Naya Rivera.


Naya's favorite songs

Guests: All recurring cast, Dot-Marie Jones

A New Begining 2026 5.32
All the former members of the New Directions come together in New York to form the Original Directions, as they begin preparing for sectionals lead by Kurt and Rachel. Meanwhile Mercedes is once again confronted with her former feelings for Sam, and also introduces her fiance. The girls and guys move into new apartments as they will be living part time in New York, and a new neighbor peaks the interest of Quinn, Kitty, and Sugar


No One Mourns the Wicked (Kurt)

The Heart Wants what it Wants (Kitty, Quinn, Sugar)

Wildest Dreams (Blaine and Kurt)

We dont Talk Anymore (Sam and Mercedes)

Stronger-Kelly Clarkson ( Rachel)

Cant Stop the Feeling (full group)

Guest Cast: Harry Shum Jr., Alex Newell, Vanessa Lengies, Joshua(actor tba)

Prom Night-10.jpg
3. Lets get Grande 2026 5.42
Rachel and Kurt decide to throw it back to the glee days, and decide to do a week to pay tribute to a celebrity, and they choose Arianna Grande. Kurt and Blaine run into a familiar but unwanted face, and Mercedes is begining to reconnect with Sam. Meanwhile Rachel has to once again face her ex-husband Jesse St. James, while Quinn Sugar and Kitty are fighting over Joshua(the new neighbor, currently uncast).


Thank You Next (Rachel)

God is a woman (Mercedes and Unique)

No Tears left to Cry (Brittany)

Im so into You (Blaine and Kurt)

Break Up with your girlfriend(sung as boyfriend) (Sebastian)

Absent: Kevin McHale

Guests: Alex Newel, Vanessa Lengies, Jonathon Groff, Grant Gustin

4. Distractions 2026 5.29
Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine are struggling with one of their cast mates, Lucy, that they are forced to hang out with for publicity. Meanwhile Artie is trying to get back together with Tina, but Tina is more interested in Mike. Now that Sam is back in Lima, Mercedes has some time to think about her impending marriage, and Quinn, Unique, and Brittany take her out on a girls day.


Sorry not Sorry (Lucy)

Same Old Love (Tina and Mercedes)

Girls just Wanna have fun (Quinn, Unique, and Brittany)

Shake it off (Blaine, Kurt, Rachel)

Absent: Chord Overstreet, Heather Morris, Becca Tobin

Guests: Lucy (actress tba) Harry Shum Jr., Alex Newell

Mercedes and Quinn.png
5. Multitasking 2026 4.86
With Sectionals coming close The Original Directions find out the other teams that are competing against them, one of which has fellow cast members of Kurt Rachel and Blaine. Mercedes is rehearsing with the original directions, but also has to plan a wedding she's not sure she still wants, and needs to record a song for her album and invites Brittany and Quinn to perform with her. Meanwhile Tina and Artie work together on a new project, making Mike jealous.


Original song (by Mercedes sung by Mercedes and Quinn)

My headband (Mercedes and Brittany)

Fighter (Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel)

Want you Back (Artie)

Come and Get it (Mercedes, Quinn, Brittany)

Absent: Chord Overstreet, Becca Tobin

Guests: Harry Shum Jr., Lucy (actress tba)

Sleepover school.jpg
6. Locked in 2026 5.3
In an effort to bond the team Kurt and Blaine decide to lock everyone inside the empty theater on their day off for 24 hours. Drama ensues with Sam back from Lima, and Tina alone with Artie and Mike. To make matters worse a Shelby arrives with Beth to meet Rachel, but ends up getting trapped with everyone else, causing problems with Quinn. Also trapped is the girls' neighbor Joshua who was invited to sit in on rehearsal.


Treat you better (Kitty Sugar, Quinn)

We're all in this together (Original Directions with solos by Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Mercedes)

I want it That way (Sam, backed up by Blaine, Artie, Joshua, and Mike)

Thinking of you (Mercedes)

Best song ever (Original Directions)

Into the Unkown (Rachel and Shelby)

Guests: Joshua (actor tba), Alex Newell, Vanessa Lengies, Harry Shum Jr., Idina Menzel

7. Sectionals 2026 5.8
Sectionals is here with special judge President Sylvester, but one of the members is unable to perform, leading the Original Directions to scramble for a replacement. Mercedes has finally decided what she will do about her engagement and Sam. Meanwhile Brittany is acting very strange, and refusing to perform, leading Kurt and Blaine to stage an intervention.


Hard Knock Life (Original Directions)

Caked by the Ocean (Blaine and Original Directions)

Just Like F!re (Mercedes and the Original Directions)

Sweet but Psycho (Lucy and the divas)

Heart of Stone (Brittany)

Guests: Lucy (actress tba) , Alex Newell, Harry Shum Jr., Jane Lynch, Lauren Potter, Vanessa Lengies, Joshua (actor tba)

New york-49.jpg
8.Going Places 2026 5.56
Mercedes and Sam are officially back together, but Sam had to return to Lima to coach the new Directions. Sam is coaching the New Directions for their sectionals, and invites Blaine and Mike to be guests. With Blaine and Sam gone Mercedes and Kurt decide to take a road trip to the countryside, lakes, and mountains or rural New York State, accompanied by Tina and Brittany. Meanwhile Rachel and Quinn are babysitting for Kurt and Blaine, and for Brittany.


Old Town Road (Sam and the New Directions)

Cant Stop Dancin (Hayleigh and the New Directions)

Party in the USA (Kurt, Mercedes, Brittany, Tina)

Radioactive (Blaine, Will, Sam, and New Directions)

Bang Bang (Kurt, Mercedes, Brittany)

Absent: Becca Tobin, Kevin McHale

Guests: Harry Shum jr.

9.Merry Gleemas 2026 5.79
Everyone's Christmas plans to visit their families are cancelled after their flights get cancelled due to a snow storm. All trapped in New York, they decide to spend Christmas together, and go Caroling throughout the city. Together they have a wonderful Christmas, and some special friends arrive unexpectadly.


Last Christmas (Rachel)

Santa Tell me (Mercedes)

Santa Claus is Comin to town (Original directions with solos from Kurt, Tina, and Blaine)

Mistletoe (Kurt and Blaine)

Underneath the Tree (Quinn, Brittany, Unique)

Its the most Wonderful Time of the Year (full cast)

Guests: Harry Shum Jr., Alex Newell, Vanessa Lengies, Mike O'Malley, Romy Rosemont, Matt Bomer

Hummelberry - Epic Moment Wicked.gif
10. Lets get Wicked 2026 6.0
Kurt Blaine and Rachel's jobs are on the line as a big reviewer is attending the Friday night showing of Wicked to determine the fate of the show, and the three of them are anxious about the performance. Meanwhile Artie, Mike, and Tina are gearing up for their new Musical that they are producing. Also Mercedes is preparing for the release of her newest album, featuring the voices of Quinn, Brittany, and Unique.

This is the mid-season finale


Dancing through life (Blaine)

Thank Goodness (Kurt)

Original song (Mercedes)

Original song (written Tina, sung Kitty)

Hurricane (Tina)

Halo (Unique)
Rise (Kurt, Rachel, Blaine)

Guests: Alex Newell, Harry Shum Jr., Vanessa Lengies, Lucy (actress tba), Joshua (actor tba)

11. Back to work 2027 5.3
Mercedes returns from a small promotional tour. As the Original Directions are getting back to work as they prepare for Regionals and all perform songs with the word work in it. Mercedes is now back together with Sam, and they decide to move in together. Since Blaine and Kurt will be leaving the show, they begin working on their next steps. Meanwhile Tina, Artie and Mike begin looking for a company to produce their movie.

Absent: Lea Michele


Work (Mercedes)

Work from Home (Quinn, Tina, Unique, Brittany, Mercedes, Artie)

Work Bitch (Quinn, Sugar, Brittany)

Whistle while you work (Kurt, Blaine)

Work of Art (Kitty, Sugar, Tina)

Guests: Vanessa Lengies, Alex Newell, Hary Shum Jr.

Somebody Loves You.jpg
12. Just like Old Times 2027 5.36
Kurt and Blaine's daughter Tracy has been kicked out of school because another Parent thinks a child raised by homosexuals is inappropriate, and they have to fight to get their child back in school. Meanwhile Marley visits New york to visit her friends Unique, Kitty, Tina, Artie, Sam, and Mercedes, and try to break into the music business.


Rain on Me (Kurt and Blaine)

Original song (Marley, Kitty, Unique)

Look What you Made me do (Quinn)

All about that Bass (Unique, Tina, Kitty, Mercedes)

Absent Lea Michele

Guests: Alex Newell

One three hill.gif
13. One Three Hill 2027 5.54
While visiting a nightclub Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, and Brittany run into Elliot and Dani, Kurt's former band mates. They are revealed to be members of one of the Glee Clubs they are competing against. Meanwhile Mercedes, Unique, Sugar, Tina, and Quinn have a spa day, but are confronted by relationship drama.


Girls Day Out (Quinn, Tina)

Somebody that I used to know (Elliot, Dani)

Gerinomo (Kurt, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Rachel)

Shut up and Dance (Kurt, Elliott)

Absent: Becca Tobin, Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale

Guests: Adam lambert, Demi Lovato, Alex Newell, Vanessa Lengies

Regionals 3.jpg
14. Regionals 2027 5.78
Regionals is almost here, but when a theme is announced for the cometition last minute, the Original Directions must create a new set list. All while they are preparing for Regionals, Kurt might miss the competition as he has an important meeting for his fashion line he is designing. Meanwhile Joshua finally decides which girl he will date. As an extra precaution in case Kurt decides not to perform, Sugar flies out a special guest. Regionals has two special judges, Broadway star April Rhoades, and Olympic Winner Roz Washington.


Believer (Blaine, Artie and the Original Directions)

Fight Song (Original Directions solos from, Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn)

What do you mean (Original Directions, solos from Blaine, Sam and Kurt)

Dear Future Husband (Dani and The Rock StarChildren)

There's Nothing Holding Me Back (Elliott, and The Rock-Starchildren)

Jailhouse Rock (Rory)

My Favorite Things (April)

Guests: Kristin Chenowith, NeNe Leakes, Damian McGinty, Joshua (actor tba) Adam Lambert, Demi Lavoto, Vanessa Lengies, Harry Shum Jr.

Blaine and Cooper.png
15.Guest Stars 2027 5.32
Rachel has an audition to be in the next cast of Hamilton, but doubts her chances when she sees a familiar face as one of the finalists in the competition. Meanwhile after losing Joshua to Quinn, Kitty decides to go after Artie once again, but he is still interested in Tina. Blaine's older brother Cooper is visiting to star in Mercedes' new music video, and reveals two shocking pieces of news.


Woman in Love (Rachel)

No (Harmony)

If we were a movie (Kitty)

What a Man Gotta Do (Blaine, Cooper)

Me! (Mercedes, Cooper)

Absent: Chord Overstreet, Heather Morris

Guests: Joshua (Actor tba), Matt Bomer, Lindsay Pearce

Klaine Proposal.gif
16. Marry me, Again? 2027 5.6
Kurt plans a surprise wedding vow renewal proposal for Blaine on the anniversary of their first kiss, Everyone is involved in helping, and a second proposal might take place. Mercedes finds out some amazing news, but it could ruin some other plans of hers. Meanwhile Tina Artie and Mike have officially gotten the greenlight to produce a movie, written and produced by Tina, Directed and produced by Artie, and Choreographed by Mike.


Can't Help Falling in Love with You (Kurt)

Sucker (Blaine, Sam, Mike)

California Girls (Kitty, Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany, Holly)

Love Story (Kurt, Blaine)

Love on Top (Mercedes, Unique)

Guests: Alex Newell, Harry Shum Jr., Joshua (actor tba), Vanessa Lengies, Mike O'Malley, Romy Rosemont, Gwyneth Paltrow, April Rhoades

17. Disney week 2027 5.8
Kurt and Rachel have decided that they need some cheering up, and an extra fun week of songs to help them do that, and prepare for Nationals, Disney week. Sam, not wanting to stop Mercedes from success, debates on whether or not to propose as he intended. Mercedes still hasnt decided if she will accept the offer for another world tour, but Brittany has decided that she will be her lead backup dancer should she decide to go. Meanwhile Artie confesses his affection to Tina through song, but Mike is starting to reciprocate the feelings Tina has towards him.


And at Last I see the Light (Mercedes, Sam)

Once upon a Dream (Kurt, Blaine)

How far I'll go (Mercedes)

Reflection (Rachel)

Lost in the Woods (Artie)

Kiss the Girl (Quinn, Joshua)

Some Things Never Change (Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, Mercedes)

Baby Mine (Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Brittany)

Love is an Open Door (Tina, Mike)

Can you feel the Love tonight (Kurt, Blaine)

When You Wish Upon a Star (Full Cast)

Guests: Harry Shum Jr., Vanessa Lengies, Alex Newell, Joshua (actor tba)

18. Ohio Sweet Home 2027 5.27
The majority of the gang returns to Lima Ohio for Mr. Schue's Birthday. While there they are immersed in a celebration of the Glee Club, just like old times with Mr. Schue up front. The assignment, sing a song that connects with you. Meanwhile back in New York Rachel gets a callback for the Female Lead in Hamilton, but so did Harmony.


Schuyler Sisters (Rachel, Harmony, Lucy)

B-day Song (Sue, backup by Mercedes and Kurt)

Eye of the Tiger (New Directions Girls, and Quinn, Kitty, Brittany)

Livin on a prayer (New Directions boys, and Sam, Artie, Blaine, Mike)

Guests: Mathew Morrison, Jayma Mays, Dot-Marie Jones, Iqbal Theba, Lindsay Pearce, Harry Shum Jr., Vanessa Lengies, Idina Menzel

Brittany && Santana Hug.jpg
19. Taylor Swift 2027 5.46
Kurt has been offered a role in an animated movie, to be the lead, and Blaine is still deciding if he should accept the a role in a summer blockbuster. Tina, Artie, and Mike have begun auditions from New York to be in their film, but the tension is high between the three. Brittany considers dating again, but is unsure if she's ready, and is helped by Quinn and Rachel


You Need to Calm Down (Kurt)

Back to December (Kitty)

I knew you were trouble (Unique)

You belong with Me (Tina)

Blank Space (Rachel, Quinn)

Begin Again (Mercedes)

Absent: Chord Overstreet,

Guests: Alex Newell, Harry Shum Jr., Vanessa Lengies

20. Nationals 2027 5.82
The Original Directions travel to Washington D.C. for Nationals, judged by Will Schuester, President Sue, and Vice President Becky Jackson. Tina has finally made a decision on who she will pick, and Sam has decided on whether or not he will propose, but Mercedes is still conflicted about her tour. They are competing against the crushendo's a group consisting of Harmony, Jesse, Cooper, and Sebastian.

Season Finale


Wicked Finale (Kurt Rachel, Blaine)

Marry Me (Sam)

Six (Original Directions with solos from Mercedes, Tina, Quinn, Kitty, Kurt, Unique)

Dont Stop Believing (Rachel, Blaine, and The original Directions)

Because of You (Kitty, Rachel and The Original Directions)

Ex-Wives (Original Directions with solos from Mercedes, Tina, Quinn, Kitty, Kurt, Unique)

Thunder (Sebastian, Cooper, and Crushendo's)

Breathin (Harmony and Crushendo's)

Watermelon Sugar (Sebastian, Jesse, and Crushendo's

Celebrate (full cast)
Guests: Harry Shum Jr., Joshua (actor tba), Alex Newell, Vanessa Lengies, Mathew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Lauren Potter, Grant Gustin, Jonathon Groff, Lindsay Pearce, Matt Bomer, Lucy (actress tba)

Major Plot points

  • Will Schuester starts a new Glee league for celebrities
  • New Directions Alum form the Original Directions
  • Santana Lopex (Naya Rivera) is honored
  • Everyone moves to New York to work together in the new Gleeclub
  • Quinn, Tina, Kitty, Sugar, and Unique all move in together, and Artie, Sam, and Mike move in together.
  • The girls have an attractive new neighbor, Josh
  • Kurt and Blaine run into Sebastian, and Blaine tells him off.
  • Rachel and Jesse are having a custody battle over their daughter Barbara
  • Jesse decides to start his own glee club
  • Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel's castmate Lucy is introduced as a rude antagonist
  • Lucy is on an opposing Glee club causing more tension at work for Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine
  • Mercedes records two new songs, a duet with Quinn, and a trio with Quinn and Brittany
  • Tina and Artie work on creating a movie script
  • Mercedes almost kisses Quinn, Shelby has an altercation with both Quinn and Rachel, meanwhile Beth makes Quinn realize what she missed, and that she wants a child.
  • Kitty and Josh kiss, but he doesnt know which girl he wants
  • Mercedes decides to end her engagement and get back together with Sam
  • Mike breaks his leg at the Final rehearsal before the competition
  • Joshua joins the Original Directions, and fills in for Mike.
  • Brittany has a crisis because she is attracted to another woman and feels she is betraying Santana, Kurt and Blaine help her out of it, but she decides its still too soon to date
  • Kurt decides he wants to ask Blaine to renew their vows
  • Mercedes releases her new Album to rave reviews, and creates publicity for Quinn Brittany and Unique
  • The gender swapped Wicked proved to be very successful, and will be recast to the original genders as the gender swapped version goes on a National tour, causing Blaine and Kurt to leave the show as soon as it ends
  • Marley helps write music for Artie, TIna, and Mike's new project
  • Kurt and Blaine sue Tracy's school with Quinn as their lawyer.
  • Dani and Elliott ended up in a new band that became a success, and they have started a glee club for the celebrity league.
  • Brittany is introduced to Dani, and they reminisce about Santana
  • Kurt signs with a company to produce his own Fashion line
  • Kurt makes it back just in time for his solo at regionals
  • Sugar flies out Rory in case they need an extra member
  • Joshua picks Quinn
  • The Original Directions win Regionals
  • Rachel has a very successful audition for Hamilton, but is worried when she sees Harmony there too
  • Cooper reveals he is competing in a Glee club with Jesse, and Sebastian
  • Cooper also reveals he has gotten Blaine a big movie audition in L.A.
  • Kurt asks Blaine to renew their vows, and he accepts
  • Mercedes has been offered another national tour
  • Sam plans to propose to Mercedes, but decides not to after the world tour announcement
  • Schue reunites with the old Glee club, and the New Directions perform at their regionals
  • Rachel and Harmony audition for Hamilton, and Harmony reveals she is in the same Glee club as Rachel's ex husband
  • Brittany decides to ask out dani
  • Kurt and Blaine both decide to do the films, but from New York, and the family will vacation in L.A.
  • Tina, Artie, and Mike cast Kitty, Unique and Sugar(after a bribe) in their movie
  • Tina decides to get back together with Mike
  • Sam proposes to Mercedes and she accepts
  • Mercedes decides to cut her tour into two with a month break in between
  • Kurt has finished the designs for his fashion line
  • The Original Directions barely win Nationals

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