Glee 2.0, the spin-off of Glee, was renewed for a second season ahead of the Season 1 Finale. The second season will premier in mid to late 2027. The season will premier new episodes every Friday on Disney Plus

The season will consist of 20 episodes that are approximately 40 minutes each, including a two part season Finale, with a mid season hiatus after the 10th episode.It was announced that this season would have more cameos, more new characters, and the Glee competition would have another round, Internationals.

It has been announced that Harry Shum Jr. Alex Newell, and Vanessa Lengies have been promoted to the main cast. It was also announced that Jayma Mays would be demoted to special guest, and Mathew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Lauren Potter would be demoted to Guest cast.

Many details about the season are still unknown, but should come soon


Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel

Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson

Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones


Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
Kurt is about to release his new fashion line after some tweaks, and adjustments. Blaine is auditioning for Dear Evan Hansen, after finishing his summer movie. Mercedes returns from her tour for a break, and is struggling with figuring out how her and Sam will be together with him in Lima and her in New York. Rachel returns from tour
Tina, Mike, and Artie are preparing for the release of their new movie, meanwhile Kurt runs into Isabelle as he preps for his new fashion-line. Quinn and Joshua's relationship has become dull and boring, and they are looking for a new way to spice up their relationship.
3. Jonas Brothers
While practicing for Sectionals, Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine decide to do a Jonas brothers song, but they cant decide which one, so they decide to have a competition to see which trio performs the best, to decide which song to sing. The trios are Kurt, Quinn, and Mercedes; Blaine, Sam, and Tina; Sugar, Brittany, and Artie; Kitty, Rachel, Mike. Unique is the judge.
4. Almost Sectionals
The Original Directions are headed to sectionals, but the members are distracted as they are planning big events, Kurts Fashion show, and Tina, Artie, and Mike's movie premier. While preparing to perform, the power suddenly goes out across New York, and the show is cancelled
5. Big Choices
While preparing for his fashion show, Kurt finds out that Sectionals has been scheduled oin the same day as his collection release, and the night of the movie premier.
Brittany begins dating Dani, and they bond over remembering Santana. Blaine attends callbacks for a musical, and Rachel a hansome fellow at a new audition. Sam and Mercedes continue to plan their wedding
Kurt, Blaine, and Mercedes visit Sam in Lima. Kurt and Blaine are guests of Sam's class, and they visit the rebuilt Dalton academy which has a tribute garden to the original school. Mercedes tries to figure out what to do about her living in New York and Sam in Lima. Will assists his former students.
8. Christmas
Christmas celebration
Kitty tries to stay away from dani, but ends up having to sing a duet with her. Meanwhile Kurt and Rachel's former students Mason, Jane, Madison, and Spencer come to visit
10. Regionals
15. Nationals
20. Internationals
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