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Glee Wiki Secret Santana
The long awaited second blog has finally arrived! We’re excited to see that there are quite a few enthusiastic people who are joining in this year. Let’s see the full list of participants:

Trae (REBƎLReloaded)
Becca (BeccaToBe)
Gina (GinaSays16)
Erick (Someone648)
Hunter (InATidalWaveOffMistery..........)
Daniel (AustrianGleek)
Zachary (Slappuccino)
Lucas (Lucas Koch)
Arfa (Lucky Agron)
Angelika (PeonyPetals)
Brian (Nayaforever)
Eli (Glitterr0ckvampire)
Matt (EXO-M)
Paul (Blugo34)
Harry (Clawdeen Ghoul)
Tyler (Gleefan1018)
J.P. (Picarra5)
Sammy (Blaine lover)
Ron (Geoff109)
Ruba (Brittanalovers)
Nick (Tendollarlameo)
Evans (NayaRiss)
Alex (AlejandroTheGleek)
Connor (ImmaDivaBitch!)
Maya (ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine)
Criss (Miss Sparkles)


What happens now?
We’re gonna use a random list creator on the internet to make sure everything is completely random. Everyone will be contacted tonight or tomorrow to receive their Secret Santana. And that’s where the fun begins! Everyone will make a self-made gift for their person. This can be as big as you’d like it to be. Try to find out as much about the other person as possible; you can do this by checking out their profile or subtly getting to know them better in the comments or on their message wall. This way you can make them a personal gift. To help you out a little, here are a few suggestions you could do:

Make a gifset, write a fanfiction, make a cute blog, write a poem, photoshop them something, make a video, cover their favourite song, etc. You can include their OTP’s, other favourite shows, favourite singers/movies, crackships, etc.

We hope this will give you an idea to start with, you can do whatever you want and make it as big or small as you like! But remember, the key to Secret Santana is it being secret! Don’t tell anyone who you got paired up with, to keep the fun of the surprises.

Deadline and questions
Since it’s a Christmas event, the deadline is of course Christmas Day. That’s this Thursday, already. We realize it’s pretty soon, so we understand it if some of you need a little more time. We’d appreciate it though if you could inform us beforehand, same goes for if somehow you can’t go on with it. That way we won’t end up with disappointed users who won’t get a gift. If you need any help, you can always message Becca on her wall.
That being said, we’ll talk to you all soon and wish you all a lot of fun!
Merry Christmas <3
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