• Blugo34

    A Year in Glee Wiki (2013)

    December 25, 2013 by Blugo34

    Well, I'm not really a good at writing but I'll try my best. It's been a really weird year from the death of Cory and the mass leaving of people but we stayed strong through tough times. I said goodbye to some old friends and again met new friends along the way. There were some misunderstandings but later on being resolved. Glee Wiki was my refuge from the crazy outside world and shall continue as it is. I really liked the awesome new activities that the admins have planned out, it was creative and far more different last year with only a few major events. And the new theme etc. Change was good, it was for the better.

    ...but can we remember what happened this year?

    People who left :(

    • 50ShadesOfFabray
    • Ashtoneverett
    • BackToTheStart
    • Berryklaine
    • Britt…

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  • Blugo34

    My Favorite Things

    December 21, 2013 by Blugo34
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  • Blugo34

    Christmas Wishlist!

    December 2, 2013 by Blugo34


    Description Christmas is coming and I want to make this blog for everyone who loves the Holidays :D. I actually have done this before and it was really a success. I really hope you have fun! :D

    Instructions 1. Just list down your Top 10 things you want for this coming Christmas season, it can be a thing or anything your heart's desires!!
    2. Add this template to the comments section and fill up the wishlist.

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  • Blugo34

    The Fabacon Team

    August 18, 2013 by Blugo34
    Founded by Paul, Anna and Timmy

    • If you don't ship the relationship between Bacon and Quinn Fabray, don't sign up or disrespect either character.
    • Treat everyone with respect - Glee wiki users and Glee characters.
    • Nothing inappropriate.
    • No one can be signed up more than once.

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  • Blugo34

    The Rachel Berry Team

    August 11, 2013 by Blugo34

    {A page dedicated to Rachel Berry.

    • She can rock knee socks like they've never been rocked before.
    • She has mastered the art of a storm out.
    • She'll pretty much do anything to break into the business
    • Her voice is from another world
    • There is nothing ironic about show choir!
    • She's taken one for the team on many occasions.
    • She has convictions and she lives her life based on them, rather then going against her beliefs.
    • She CAN handle the truth!
    • SELF-AWARE like no other teenager
    • A role-model!
    • Rachel Berry always puts her own stardom at the top of her goals, and achieves these goals no matter what
    • She doesn't have a gag reflex.
    • She's right..if there's two things America needs right now, it's sunshine and optimism... Also angels.
    • She's the stunning young ingenue t…

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