1. Finchel

Aww cuties finchel

Finn and Rachel both proved that they were soulmates on numerous occasions. From their first duet, Finchel was meant to be. Their amazing chemistry and sweet gestures to eachother showed how much they cared about eachother during their time together. Through their many ups and downs, the two always found their way back to eachother. Even when they weren't together, they both knew they belonged together as did everyone else in the New Directions. The Star and the Quarterback made one incredible team together. Although they never got their happy ending, Finn will always be with Rachel- in her heart. 

2. Quick

Quinn and Puck truly beat the odds. At every point in their relationship, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The birth of Beth brought them together, but at the same time it drove them apart. Whenever Quinn was with someone else, Puck longed for his soulmate and waited for her until she was ready. It only took the couple five years and a remake of one of the glee club's most memorable songs to realize their true feelings for eachother. Their happy ending taught everyone that you can learn to love again.

3. Brittana

Everyone's favorite cheerleaders proved that sometimes the person you love is your best friend. Brittany and Santana were always there for eachother, whether they were together or not. From the moment they interlocked their pinkies to when they sang their first duet together with Holly Holliday, these two proved that they were going to make their love work. These two still haven't figured out if they have their happy ending, but with the official end of the New Directions, it seems as if these two are on their way to a happy ever after. 

4. Klaine

FavEpisode LoveLoveLove
Klaine hug ssad blaine sad kurt
From the day these two met on the staircase at Dalton, they proved they were perfect for eachother. Blaine and Kurt helped eachother become better people and to face their fears in life headon. Tears rolled down everyone's face when the two became engaged after a rocky stretch in their relationship. Although these two seem to have some issues they still need to workout before they get married, they have the drive and perserverence to stay together for the rest of their lives. 

5. Tike

When Mike and Tina met at Asian camp, sparks flew instantly. The two fell in love in the back of the choir room and proved that two people from different social groups can fall in love and have a long lasting relationship. Mike was always there for Tina whenever he needed her and even when she didn't. The choir room was never short on cute glances towards eachother as they proved to be one of the strongest couples in the New Directions. Even though their journey ended when Mike left for college after graduation, they remain one of the cutest couples in the history of the glee club. 

6. Samcedes

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Following the glee club's return to Lima from New York after their loss at Nationals, Sam and Mercedes were determined to keep their relationship under wraps. The two began secretly dating until Sam moved and the two broke up. After Sam's numerous efforts to win his woman back when he returned to McKinely, he realized it was time to move on and let her go. Little did he realize, they'd eventually find their way into eachother's lives once again. Deciding to give their romance another shot, the two are determined to become stronger than ever in the Big Apple.

7. Fabrevans

Quinn and Sam hit it off right away when Same first joined the glee club. Although Quinn was scared to fall in love again, Sam made her feel perfectly safe. Ken and Barbie, as dubbed by Rachel Berry, proved they were a power couple as the two began their romance. It came to a sad end when Quinn cheated on Sam with Finn and hearts everywhere were broken when the blonde twosome called it quits for good. 

8. Kartie

Kitty and Artie seemed like a duo who would never be together. The quintessential mean girl Cheerio and the wheelchair bound nerd found their way into eachothers heart and proved they were as cute as can be. Although their relationship ended with Artie moving to New York to attend film school, he will always be greatful for Kitty who helped him get there in the first place. 

9. Bartie

Brittany and Artie were the first odd couple to get together in the New Directions. Brittany helped Artie realize his dream of walking again at the same time he helped her believe in the magic of Christmas. Their relationship was put to the test when Santana revealed her feelings for Brittany and although she stayed with Artie, her heart was truly with Santana which ultimately ended their relationship. Eventhough Brittany can't remember that the two of them in fact dated, they still remain one of the cutest couples in glee club history. 

10. Pucktana

Theboyismine pucktana
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Puck and Santana never truly defined their relationship together during their time in glee club. The resident bad boy and the resident bitch became friends with benifits and were hot and heavy for a while. But after Puck decided he wanted to be with Quinn and then Lauren, their relationship was over. Although Santana tried to win him back, Puck's heart was in another place and the two offically ended when Santana realized her true feelings for Brittany. 

11. Tartie


Tina and Artie's realtionship blossmed during the first few weeks of the glee club. The two outcasts made one cute couple as they fought their way down the halls of McKinley High School. They broke eachother's shell as they got to know one another to the point where Tina declared that her stutter was fake and she helped Artie dream of dancing again one day/ Their relationship ended when Tina left Artie for Mike after spending time together at Asian camp, but the two remained the closest of friends.

12. Pizes

Puck and Lauren's realtionship began when she saved him after being locked in a port-a-potty and he recruited her to join the New Directions. Puck tried his best to win over Lauren and gave it all he had. Eventually, her heart would come around and the two began dating. It was never really said what happened with this couple, but these two proved that love comes in many different shapes and sizes and sometimes the best kind of love comes from an unlikely source. 

13. Fuinn

Smiles fuinn
Finn and Quinn were doomed from the start when she lied to him about being her baby's father. The quarterback and the head cheerleader tried to make their relationship last, but Finn was more interested in Rachel and left after he found out that Quinn was lying to him. The pair decided to give their romance another shot when Quinn began cheating on Sam with Finn after he and Rachel broke up. The two didn't last much longer because Finn knew his heart belong to Rachel, which left Quinn devestated for months. 

14. Ryley 

Unchainedmelody ryley
Ryder and Marley started devolping feelings for eachother when they first met during the production of Grease. However, with Marley's heart already taken, the two never had a chance. After Jake cheated on Marley the two went on a date but Marley was too scared and hurt to commit to another boy. No matter what Ryder did to win over Marley, she stood firm and the two remained friends regardless of Ryder's feelings towards her. 

15. Abramotta

Sugartie lover
Sugar and Artie never defined their relationship, but their feelings were more than mutual towards eachother during Sugar's time in the glee club. Artie tried to win her heart during Valentine's Day week but lost to Rory who lied and told Sugar he was going to be deported back to Ireland. Sugar finally came to her senses at the Sadie Hawkins dance and proclaimed her feelings for Artie. The two fizzled out when Artie developed feelings for Kitty, but we will never get tired of seeing Sugar jump into Arite's wheelchair to sit on his lap.

16. St. Berry

FavEpisode HellO
Rachel and Jesse just so happened to meet at the local music store where they belted out a classic song. Although Jesse was only using their relationship as a tool to spy on Rachel and the rest of the New Directions, he ended up developing feelings for her but it was too late. Jesse came back into Rachel's life just in time for prom junior year and he went as her date, which only infuriated Finn. The two quickly went their separate ways after Jesse and Finn fought eachother in the middle of prom. 

17. Samtana

Sillylovesongs - samtana
JB 13 samtana
Sam and Santana's relationship began when Santana spilled the beans that Quinn was cheatin on him with Finn. The two then decided to give romance a shot during their short lived relationship. It provided enough inspiration for Santana to write about Sam and his trouty mouth, much to his dismay. The two eventually ended their relationship when Santana realized she had feelings for Brittany and she could no longer live with her feelings hidden.

18. Jarley 

Marley and Jake were the first of the new New Directions to fall in love. Jake was determined to prove to everyone that he was nothing like his brother when it came to relationships. For a while this was the case as Jake stayed committed to Marley, eventhough she wasn't ready to take their realtionship to the next step. In the end, the two called it quits becase Jake ended up cheating on Marley with Bree, which broke Marley's heart. 

19.  Quoe

Myloveisyourlove quoe

Quinn and Joe first laid eyes on eachother during a meeting of the God Squad. Following Quinn's accident, they two spent more and more time together as Joe helped her through physical therapy. The two never offically declared they were together, but the way they looked at eachother told a different story. It seems the relationship ended following Quinn's graduation and move to Yale while Joe stayed at McKinely to begin his senior year.

20. Bram 

Bram (1)
Brittany and Sam's relationship began senior year after the two ran against eachother in the school elections. Brittany was feeling lonely after Santana went away to college and their romance began to develop. Following Santana's return to McKinely to breakup with Brittany, Sam decided to persue their romance. The two lasted long enough to be fake-married and for Sam to buy her Lady Tubbington so Lord Tubbington wouldn't be lonely anymore. The two ended things when Brittany left during the middle of the school year for her early acceptance at MIT, which lead to an endless amount of tears from all parties involved. 
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