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    Chris Rose

    August 23, 2019 by JL the superhuman

    Chris Michael Rose is a major character on Glee. Chris is the youngest child and only son of Millie Rose. He's the younger brother of Marley Rose and is the best friend of Kitty Wilde. During most of Season Four, he works as a professional wrestler after school hours, under the training of Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. He's soon asked by Will and Emma to join Glee club, having heard him singing to himself in the gym. He refused to join, calling them the Cleveland Browns of the school, a joke. Chris' eventually told by Marley that he needs to join so they could be closer, as she felt their brother and sister bond was falling apart.

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    The List of Guest Stars is a list of characters who made a guest appearance on Glee.

    Image Character Appearance Portrayer
    Erin Cahill First episode:
    The Rhodes Not Taken

    Last episode:
    The Rhodes Not Taken

    Erin Cahill

    Overview= Erin Cahill is an actress who portrayed Jen Scott, the Pink Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force.

    S1= During school, Finn sneaks away to attend Erin's autograph signing, so she could get an autograph from her and give it to Alex as an apology for breaking his heart. After she gets back from
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    The Jacob-Quinn Relationship more commonly known as Quincob or Juinn is the relationship between Jacob Berry and Quinn Fabray. 

    Jacob and Quinn have been friends since their freshman year at William McKinley High, and have formed a close brother and sister like relationship. At first Jacob, started developing feelings for Quinn when she was currently dating Finn Hudson, but she didn't return his feelings, breaking his heart. When Jacob was forced into Glee club, Quinn offered to help him, but he kept distancing himself from her and the rest of the group, hurting Quinn's feelings. Following, Jacob's attack, Quinn felt responsible so she decides to help him, leading her to develop new feelings for him. After losing at Regionals, Jacob announce…

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    This page is for the details of the various relationships, Jacob Berry had over the course of the series.

    (Sister) Main Article: Jacob-Rachel Relationship

    In Season One, Jacob and Rachel show to have a healthy brother and sister relationship, and dream of becoming a brother and sister musicial duo. They both audition for Glee club, both being accepted.

    (Ex-girlfriend; best friend)  Jacob's introduced to Santana through Quinn during the Pilot.  Quinn Fabray (best friend)

    Main Article: Jacob-Quinn Relationship

    In Season One, Jacob's introduced to Quinn through Sue Sylvester, the coach of the Cheerios. 

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    The Streak also known as The 93-0 Milestone, is a streak for former Mixed Martial Artist, Alex Lyons. During his time at McKinley High, Alex tells stories about the streak during Season Two, during a panel, hosted by McKinley High students.

    This was Alex's MMA debut, entering with the name Alex Pillsbury, his mother's maiden name and his aunt Emma. He explains during his time at William McKinley High, that he beat his opponent with a hard roundhouse kick. 

    The next story Alex tells, was the time the Fishers held a Backyard MMA fight, where he won by fierce strikes and a really hard kick to his opponent's face to score the second victory.

    One of the shortest matches in Alex's MMA career. He locked in his opponent with a triangle lock. Winning h…

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