Jacob Fredrick Berry is a major character on Glee. He's the brother of Rachel Berry and the biological son of Shelby Corcoran. In Season One, he's a new student at William McKinley High, having been home schooled due to issues with bullying. He signs up for Glee club alongside his sister Rachel. Later,




In Season One, Jacob develops a crush on Quinn, but she doesn't return his feelings breaking his heart and temporarily ending their friendship as Jacob felt it was hard to just being friends with Quinn, but she apologizes for hurting his feelings and they become friends again. After Jacob had dropped out, Quinn realized she'd screwed up and decided to ask Jacob to come back. In Season Three, after Jacob started dating new girl Claire Summers, Quinn became jealous of their relationship.

Rachel Berry (Audition)

After refusing to join the Glee club, Rachel told a lie to Will that he was dying, which then forced Will to make Jacob join, but he eventually caught her and left the group.


Santana was Jacob's best friends from his early childhood,

Claire Summers

Jacob relationship with Claire, is the most complex, compared to his others with his friends Quinn and Santana.


  • His nickname "Klubba" is a reference to the character Klubba from the Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
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