The Love Bug is a fanfic written by User:JL the superhuman on August 29th, 2019.


It's a new year at McKinley High, as Finn Hudson and the football team decide to throw Kurt Hummel into a dumpster, however Alex shows up to save the day, causing the football team to run away. Next, the Cheerios are practicing a difficult routine, due to Sue Sylvester. Quinn Fabray, the captain, objects, though Sue ignores her. Later, Emma sits in the teachers lounge, look through pictures of what appears to be of her and Alex, at least until Ken and Will walk in. Emma puts the photo album away and tells Will, he should take over the glee club, much to the smile on Will's face. In the halls of McKinley High, Rachel Berry decorates, Alex's locker, to see if he appreciates, her. Finn catches her, and tells her to remove everything, but Rachel refuses. Eventually, Alex works out for his next match. Afterwards, Will puts up sing up list, where Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Rachel sign up for auditions. Later, Quinn catches Finn, before talking to Alex about the glee club. She tells Finn, not to reveal her feelings for Alex. Finn makes a promise not to. Afterwards Quinn sees Alex and talks to him. She asks him to watch a movie at her house with popcorn and candy, which he agrees to.

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