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    New Rules!

    November 19, 2011 by Kidsloveme

    Hey everyone! So yes, the title of this blog does say new rules, but really we've just made some adjustments to the old ones.

    1. From now on any users under the age of 13 are to stop editting and going on the chat through the account that they have signed up with as it is against wikia's terms of use. If they refuse to do so, admins are to give them a warning saying that they are at risk of being reported to wikia staff. If they continue then we have to report you to wikia staff. We admins do not have control over this rule as it is a rule for all the wikias and can not be avoided. Users under the age of 13 are not allowed an account, but can stay on the Glee Wiki as an anonymous user.
    1. From now on all users must censor all swear words with the …
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  • Kidsloveme

    Hey there everyone!

    So recently Mr.Oboe77 was made a beaurocrat and we are now "co-runners" of the Glee Wiki. We talked with the current admins and decided that since the Glee wiki is constantly being updated and is always active, we needed to add some new admins and spam team members.

    And so the new members of the spam team are..



    Glee Rocks!

    And the new admins are..



    BeatlesgLee Fan

    So please welcome all the new members! :) If any of you have any issues here on the wiki, admins are the ones you want to be talking to.

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  • Kidsloveme

    So I just finished going through all the categories here on the wiki, and there sure are a lot. Even though the Categories Guide list isn't as long. So basically people are still having trouble with categories.

    Let me go over some basic rules:

    • All categories you add must be on the Categories Guide 'acceptable list'.
    • Do not make up your own categories unless you have an admin's permission
    • Do not add categories on blogs or profiles unless you have an admin's permission

    Please do your best to follow these rules! I really don't want to have to ban people over something that can be easily avoided.

    If you haven't already liked the Glee Wiki's Facebook page , make sure to do so! We also have a Twitter and Tumblr , so please follow us. :)

    So as always, i…

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  • Kidsloveme

    Having trouble?

    September 7, 2011 by Kidsloveme

    Recently in the comments I've been noticing that a lot of people have been noticing other users going against the rules, but not bothering to tell an admin about it!

    If you are having an issue with anyone or even think someone may be going against the rules but you are not sure, let an admin know! We are always happy to help you out, no matter what the situation.

    ATF is going to be making a video to clear up some rules soon, but before and even after that gets posted, you are always welcome to ask us questions.

    And for those of you who are unsure who the admins are here on the wiki, here is a list:

    • ArtieandTinaForeva
    • Glee+Me+Kurt=Love
    • Mr.Oboe77
    • FinchelFanO1
    • Team Doofenshmirtz 
    • Babyjabba
    • KidsLoveMe

    Do not be scared to talk to any of us. We are quite f…

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  • Kidsloveme


    August 14, 2011 by Kidsloveme

    Hello Gleeks! :)

    I haven't made a blog in awhile but I need to make an update post on things that need to be adressed.

    I can not stress how important it is to always leave your signature when you write on a talkpage! Many people contact me and ask questions and I can't reply to them because they have either not left a signature, or their signature doesn't link to their profile page.

    If you need help with signatures you can ask myself here on this blog so I know who's asking me.

    Since there's a new season coming and The Glee Project has been going on, there are a few new categories.

    Season Three Songs

    Season Three Episodes

    The Glee Project Contestants

    The Glee Project Songs

    The Glee Project Episodes

    This means that Categories like "The Glee Project" an…

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