Hello there fellow Gleeks

As you may knew, "Glee" is ended in 2015 with its season six. However, the wiki still pretty much flooded by contributor, either it's old or the new one. While a lot of them like Pswizzle keep the wiki alive by improving the wiki, some of them also bring harm to the wiki in the form of vandalism, troll, harassing, etc.

Since last year, I've been watching the wiki by improving a couple of things whilst fighting any form of vandalism. With most of the wiki staff has been inactive since the beginning of 2020, Glee wiki is vulnerable to any of those activities that i mentioned upfront.

With this, i planned to adopt this wiki, then give Pswizzle an admin role, so there is at least two persons who can watch over the wiki for a period of time. If you go to my profile page on this wiki, then you will see that i have an experience of managing a lot of famous television series wiki, particularly a comedy genre.

So if you have anything to say, please feel free to dropping here.

Thank You,

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