Hello Glee Wikians!

Who is ready for the



The second round of voting is happening now. Please vote here! (Pw: gleewiki)

Deadline to vote is: January 3, 2015

So start voting and tell all your friends. More details about the awards show will be put on this blog, so keep checking.

Update 2

If you would like to be a presenter or moderator* for the event, please fill out the application form!

  • Restricted to Chat Moderators.

Update 3


We can finally announce the official date for the Season Five Glee Wiki Awards! The awards will be held at Sunday the 4th of January, at 10PM UTC! We're still very much looking for presenters for the event, so if you'd like to announce a few awards at the event: fill out the form in the link above (at the Update 2 section).

Please spread the news and be sure to attend, as it is always a lot of fun. And of course, don't forget to vote while you still can! The place of the event will be announced later.

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