in case you are wondering who lucky is lucky is my puppy . we got him 2 months ago and now he is 3 months old . his breed is an american bully .

say hello to lucky

Lucky is a nice dog he is 3 months old and we got him when he was 2 months near he gets along with everyone he meets he barks  when he gets upset but otherwise he is a very nice buddy we have so many nicknames for him when is luckster  another one is Mister rattles which my dad came up with He is already potty trained he knows how to give us his paw or give us high five he knows how to go down he knows how to jump on a couch really high our couch  is like one foot high and he can jump on it with no trouble .He is an American Bully . On YouTube Lucky loves those videos if you search up videos that whatever your animal is say I should come up and whenever we do that he loves it .From what I learned lucky is afraid of brooms whenever you put one of your him he jumps away from me or tries attacking it.  whenever lucky gets in touch with other dogs big dogs he gets scared easily this is an example one time we were at the store and then lucky I was afraid because there was two dogs in the breeding place where he got his shots because one of his breeds bit a Chihuahua in the neck and wouldn't let go at some point someone that work there had to go there and separate them and they had to go outside.

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