It Ends Tonight is the second episode of Glee's fifth season and the ninetieth episode overall. It is set to air on September 8, 2013.



  • After hearing the shocking news about the likeliness of The Hoosierdaddies getting into Nationals by a new people's choice system that places five popular teams as wildcards at Nationals as well as the fifty other teams New Directions are worried about how Rachel-like Frida is. Meanwhile Blaine still struggles with the arrival of Jason and Kurt moving on from him so easily and turns to Eric for help.
  • In New York, Santana still struggles to find a job but with Kurt's help she lands a styling position at until she can find full-time employment. Things finally seem to be settling down and becoming normal for Adam and Kurt, until Kurt receives a shocking call from an old friend. Rachel finally hears back from the producers of Funny Girl.

Ryder and Unique

  • Ryder apologises for how he treated Wade.
  • Wade dismisses the apology and still feels awful.
  • Ryder wants to help Wade see how beautiful he is as Unique, but states that he wouldn't date Wade due to his gender only.

Blaine & Eric

  • Blaine turns to Eric as a neutral party in his struggles with Kurt & Jason.
  • Eric starts to form an unrequited affection for Blaine.
  • Blaine feels he is not ready for another relationship.
  • Eric and Blaine share a kiss.

Adam, Karofsky & Kurt

  • Kurt and Adam will be getting back into a normal relationship.
  • The phone call is from Paul Karofsky, stating that David was in an accident in New York.
  • Kurt goes to see Karofsky in the hospital.
  • Kurt confesses he doesn't have romantic feelings for Karofsky but wants to be friends with him instead.

Rachel & Cassandra

  • Rachel gets the call and finds out she did not get the role of Fanny Brice, but instead Fanny's friend Georgia James.
  • She turns to Cassandra for advice.
  • Cassandra helps her and tells her that she was lucky to get a call back and was cheated out of the role.
  • Rachel sees the producers about why she didn't get Fanny.

Kara, Marley & Tina

  • All three are still fighting over who should be female lead.
  • Artie suggests the three do a solo each and the New Directions will vote for whom they think was best.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
It Ends Tonight The All-American Rejects David Karofsky
People Cast of Funny Girl Rachel Berry
I Enjoy Being a Girl Cast of Flower Drum Song Tina Cohen-Chang
The Glamorous Life Cast of A Little Night Music Kara Regis
Funny Honey Cast of Chicago Marley Rose
Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?) Simple Plan Blaine Anderson
Lanterns Birds of Tokyo New Directions



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

Absent Cast


Kurt: I'm sorry David. I don't have any romantic feelings for you... But I do want to be your friend...
David: I'd love that Kurt

Kurt & David, It Ends Tonight

Blaine: All the pressure is killing me, being "The New Rachel", having Jason here, Kurt turning me down, Sam leaving and now you falling for me!
Eric: I'm sorry that I'm such a burden! (Storms away)
Blaine: Wait, please! (Whispers) I need you...

Blaine & Eric, It Ends Tonight

Artie: Okay hows about you three each sing a solo and the rest of us will vote
Kara: Fine, but it has to be from a musical
Tina: Awesome it's going to make kicking your buts easier

Artie, Kara & Tina, It Ends Tonight

Cassandra: Back so soon Fanny Brice?
Rachel: I didn't get the part... I was given Georgia James...
Cassandra: Oh David, I'm so sorry
Rachel: David?
Cassandra: Look little Miss Schwimmer, just consider yourself damn lucky to have even got a callback. Do you know how many girls at this school would kill to be in that play as a chorus girl? Nevermind Georgia James!
Rachel: What are you trying to imply?
Cassandra: Imply? Nothing... However I am saying that you are being incredibly selfish here. Moping over not getting Fanny but instead being awarded Georgia, it's pathetic RuPaul.

Rachel & Cassandra, It Ends Tonight