Sinful Bliss is the third episode of Glee's fifth season and the ninety first episode overall. It is set to air on September 15, 2013.



  • Will decides to have a mashup contest and makes two mixed teams to go face to face in the hardest mashup challenge yet, Deadly Sin versus Heavenly Virtue, but will Mr Schue have the heart to tell them he will no longer be teaching the glee club?

New Direction Teams

  • Team 1 consists of; Artie, Jake, Jason, Joe, Kitty & Marley
  • Team 2 consists of; Blaine, Eric, Kara, Sugar, Tina & Unique
  • Team 1's sins/virtues are; Pride/Humility, Wrath/Patience & Envy/Kindess
  • Team 2's sins/virtues are; Lust/Chastity, Sloth/Diligence & Greed/Charity
  • Will is stuck composing the mashup for Gluttony/Temperance
  • Both teams are criticised imensely about their interpretation of the sins and/or virtues.
    • ​The kids jokingly criticise Will for his mashup

Will, Figgins & Roz

  • Will is told by Figgins that he is to be the next principal.
  • Roz is offended that she was not chosen and is out for revenge on Will.
  • He tells the New Directions after the performance of Food, Glorious Food/100 Years.

Blaine, Eric & Jason

  • Blaine and Jason are placed on opposing teams and take the competition to a new level.
  • Blaine takes advantage of Eric's naive nature.
  • Jason becomes very jealous of Eric and Blaine's friendship.

Kara, Marley & Tina

  • The diva off finally comes to an end and Tina is named the winner with Kara second and Marley losing out.
  • Tina feels bad because of Kara's great job of performing The Glamorous Life and Marley's performance at Regionals, and suggests the three share the title of female leads and perform a trio number at Nationals.

Ryder & Unique

  • Unique makes her triumphent return and states that never again will she lose who she is, for any reason.
  • Ryder goes to Unique's house to really apologise.
  • Ryder sees something that makes him feel bad about what had happened.
  • He asks Marley for advice on what he should do to make Unique feel special.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
I Hate Everything About You/Patience Three Days Grace/Take That Team 1
S&M/Let's Wait Awhile Rihanna/Janet Jackson Team 2
Ego/Who Says Beyonce/Selena Gomez & The Scene Team 1
Free/Price Tag Natalia Kills/Jessie J Team 2
Envy/Kindness Nicki Minaj/Ryan Adams Team 1
The Lazy Song/Work Bruno Mars/Iggy Azalea Team 2
Food, Glorious Food/100 Years Cast of Oliver!/Five For Fighting New Directions


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Absent Cast


Will: You want me to be principal?
Roz: That pasty-faced, vest addicted Broadway reject?

Will & Roz, Sinful Bliss

Will: Okay then, Team 1 you will be performing lust and chastity
Eric: Yes! My speciality
Kitty: Damn Marley they could've used you for chastity...
Will: (Shoots Kitty a glare) Anyway... your other two are sloth and diligence and finally greed and charity. Sugar: Wow, you may as well declare us the winners Mr Schue, we've got greed in the bag.
Eric: Lust and sloth are pretty much sorted as well...
Joe: I'm still not comfortable with performing song that glorify sins...

Will, Eric, Kitty, Sugar & Joe, Sinful Bliss

Will: That was a great performance guys but... I really don't think you got the whole "humility" side of it
Marley: We searched Google for hours and finally settled on acceptance. (Eye twitches)
Kitty: Out of my way (Runs of stage) I don't wanna be hit with Marley chunks when she FINALLY explodes.

Will, Marley & Kitty, Sinful Bliss

Kitty: My Schue I don't really think you really got the whole "temperance" side of it (laughs)
Will: Well... I looked for temperance, then I decided to change it to being content with life.
Kara: I guess that works
Will: Now while we're on the topic of being content, I'm glad to tell you guys that I will no longer be taking glee club.
Tina: You're kidding right Mr Schue?
Will: I wish I was Tina, but I have been offered the principal position and I have accepted the offer
Jason: Well who's gonna take glee club from now on?
Holly: (struts down auditorium aisle) Hola classe.

Kitty, Will, Kara, Tina, Jason & Holly, Sinful Bliss