Glee is my favorite TV show. It makes me look at life more and realize that I can be friends with anyone no matter what race or age. I see alot of the character Quinn in my sister Amanda because like Quinn she too was a teenage mom not once but twice. I know my nieces and nephew can relate to Jake because they are also mixed and I dont want them to feel like they cant fit anywhere. My favorite character is Blaine Devon Anderson-Hummel because he jut has that attitude that eventhough I am gay I am not going to let anyone touch what me and Kurt have. I totally ship KLAINE, FINCHEL, JARLEY (eventhough Jake cheated, I still ship them), BRITTANA, BRAM, ARTINA and especially SAMCEDES. Glee has taught me to not be so scared to come out of the shadows and to not be prone to being bullied and told that you dont matter. 

That is why I love Glee because they help me be me and love who I am

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