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Everyone returned back to their seats. Beth and Matt were talking about invitationals. Valerie was looking at her phone during glee club practice since she had no major things to do. Kat took out a book from her bag and got absorbed into it.

“So Beth, I must say, we killed that number. Do you think we should sing a duet at invitationals? I can easily get my dad to agree on it, it’s all up to you,” Matt started off.

Beth blushed a bit, and she never blushes, “Let’s see how the other kids do on their duet first.” She thought to herself, Ohmygod, I think I have a crush on Matthew Evans!

Valerie saw what happened and rolled her eyes, Ah the cheesiness.

Beth glared at Valerie, “Oh Val, your partner is Samuel Smythe-Clarington. He’s gonna be pretty pissed, but what’s he gonna do, throw rock salt at you?”

“Come again?” Valerie removed one of her earphones.

Kat quickly heard what Beth said and widened her eyes, “Um...”

Beth replied, “Valarie, we switched partners, so I'm guessing you either have to sing a song with Samuel, Sara, or one of the new kids…”

“Oh you heard what she said Val. Sorry, but I didn't want to miss out on this project. I'm really passionate when it comes to my music, but hey, I'll still do a duet with you if you want,” Matt said, fawning over Valerie.

“Samuel who? Wait isn’t he the quarterback? Wait, SAMUEL SMYTHE-CLARINGTON?!” Valerie’s eyes widened.

Beth looked at Valerie, 100% getting where she is coming from and said, “Yeah...”

Katherine sighed, “If you only need to, I can switch partners with you too.”

“Ugh, fine, I'll deal with that dimwit,” Valerie said in an angry tone, “Katherine, I don't want you to suffer the inevitable pain of having rock salt thrown into your eye like what one of your dads went through. I can teach this Samuel a lesson.”

“Thank God, you will show this idiot who he is dealing with!” Beth responded to Valerie. A group of kids walked past the choir room and pointed at Kat and Beth and whispered.

Beth saw this and yelled, “OH HELLLLL NO!!” She was about to beat the last living parts of those kids.

“Wait Beth it’s fine, leave it,” Kat said, alarmed.

Valerie crossed her arms and shook her head, “Yeah, leave them to rot.”

Matthew interjected before Beth could leave, “BETH WAIT! IS IT WORTH IT? You know even if your glee family is your only family, at least we're a good one. Don't risk it just because some idiots wanna highlight their own insecurities.”

Beth calmed down after a bit, “Sorry...it’s just difficult...I only told Kat this but I went to see a therapist and I have horrible diagnosed anger issues...”

“Hey listen, I understand, I only get to see my mom about ⅗ of the year, and that really gets me down sometimes. But I know it’s all worth it in the end to not spin out. And hey, I may know how to cheer you up,” Matt answered.

“Yeah, my mom got outed. It’s all fine, Beth. We’re here,” Valerie smiled.

Beth smiled a bit and said, “Thank you all...I am very happy to have a glee family.”

“Yeah Beth, you have us,” Kat assured her.

Beth replied to Kat, “You know...we’re here for you too, 10000%.”

“Yeah. What Beth said,” Valerie nodded.

Kat smiled, “Thanks.”

Beth looked at all of them, “Off topic but- We’re going to make it to nationals this year! We’re already such a great team!”

Sam stood up and said, “Look at this, halfway through the week and enemies who are now friends, new alliances, and everything in between. I think we're actually doing well, Finn would be proud.” Two voices appeared and in synchronicity, they said, “Yeah he would.” Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez walked in the classroom waving.

“Yup to nationals we go!” Kat cheered.

Matthew said, “Nationals baby, but first let’s handle invitationals.”

“Mhm, to nationals!” Valerie said until she looked at the doorway and ran towards, “Mom!”

Beth saw them walk through the door and also said, “M-mom?” She ran towards her mom too.

“Sam called us in and said he has a special job he needs us to help him with,” Quinn replied.

“Wanky,”  Santana chuckled.

Valerie smirked and nodded along, “Wanky indeed, mom.”

Beth asked, “So what job?”

Santana continued, “We’re here to help find more ND members for you guys.”

“Yeah...it does seem quite empty in here,” Valerie said, looking around.

Beth exclaimed, “Well that’s awesome that you guys are here!”

“Well, let's see, who's our next duet?” Sam announced. “Me, Santana, and Quinn are gonna have a conversation, and when we're done, you guys should be ready.” He held up 5 fingers, implying that they'll take 5 minutes.

“Kat and Alexis are next, but Alexis hasn’t answered her phone for about a day,” Beth responded.

“Yeah...” Kat agreed.

“Not sure. That idiot Samuel Smythe-Clarington isn't here yet, I think, or maybe my view on him and his morals are too screwed he turned invisible,” Valerie shrugged.

Kat laughed, “Well-said Val.”

Beth asked, “So do you guys wanna do a practice number or something?”

“Thank you, thank you,” Valerie bowed jokily, “and sure, let’s just practice.”

Quinn and Santana turn around and Quinn says, “Then how about we give you a little taste of what you guys have been missing, Unholy Trinity style, and since we don't have Britt here today, Valerie? Think you can handle a dance number like this?”

Santana agrees, “Well come on now Val, get your butt up here!”

“Okay, Mrs. Puckerman and Mom,” Valerie said, laughing and walking towards them.

Beth saw the beginning of this and said, “Oh my gosh! Yes!!”

“Oh my gosh,” Alexis said as she walked in, “So sorry I'm late. My phone died and I got mixed up and I already missed a class. Did I miss anything important? Oh hi, Mom!”

Beth saw her, “ALEXIS! I haven’t seen you for like, two days! Where the hell were you?”

“What the heck do you mean two days?” Alexis asked.

“ALEXIS YOU’RE BACK! You’ve missed, so, so, SO much,” Matt said.

“Oh hey Alexis!” Kat smiled.

“Oh yeah hey Kat,” Alexis smiled back.

Beth went on to say after everyone settled down, “Well...if there is anyone we should learn from in any way, it’s the Unholy Trinity Style!”

Santana exclaimed, “I couldn’t have said it better myself, hit it-”

‘The Schuyler Sisters’ starts to play and Santana, Quinn, and Valerie start singing along.

“Oh my god that was so good!” Kat said with delight.

“That was amazing!!!” Beth added.

“Whooo! That was great!” Matt shouted.

“And that's how home is like when Mrs. Puckerman visits. The power is immeasurable,” Valerie laughed.

Alexis said to Beth, “I heard that you and Kat got outed. I’m so sorry.” Then she thought to herself, What if it happens to me?

Beth replied, “Hey it’s okay! We’re fine and nobody got hurt...”

Alexis then had a plan. What if she told on herself? It would be her choice and it wouldn’t technically count as outing.

Beth then turned to Valerie,  “Why haven’t I known about this until now?” and then laughed.

“Because the power is immeasurable, I just said that,” Valerie laughed again.

Beth smiled, “Anyways, that was fantastic!”

Once the bell rang, everyone left the choir room.

Valerie walked along with her mom and smiled, “That was fun, Mom.”

Alexis walked away after her mom and Beth left. She was finally going to get some quiet planning time.

Beth walked out with her mom, “You were amazing! I gotta go though, I will see you at home!” She then walked up to Kat and asked, “Hey Kat? Can I tell you something PRIVATE?”

“Yeah sure,” Kat replied, a bit confused for what Beth had to say.

The two went to the back of the school and Beth said, “Ok, this may seem weird but one, DO NOT TELL ANYONE and two, I am almost 100% sure that I have a crush on Matt.”

“Omg Beth,” Kat smirked, “You and Matt huh, never would’ve guessed.”

Beth nodded, “Neither did I! But he’s so sweet and caring! And I know that he has a crush on Val-”

“Oh ok, wow. I mean if you really like him, maybe you should go after him, but like in a subtle way, you know,” Kat answered.

Beth said, “Ok...you promise not to tell anyone right?”

“Yeah I promise. I mean, we’ve all got our own secrets,” Kat promised.

Beth smiled and said, “Thanks Kat, you need to go practice your duet!” And laughed,  “I have to go home, talk to you later!” Beth went back home, practicing singing for invitationals. They had no song yet but she was just trying to perfect her singing.

Kat met up with Alexis to practice their duet.

“Katherine,” Alexis said, “Do you know if Valerie is single? Weird question, I know, but...uh...my friend might have a crush on her. Oh yeah and what do you want to sing?”

“Uh I'm pretty sure she's single for now, and I don't know what song to sing,” Kat nervously sighed.

“Okay,” Alexis said. Phew, I don't think she suspects anything, Alexis thought.

Matt picks up his phone and finally decides to call Val again, “Hey Val,” he says when she picks up, “this is gonna take A LOT of courage, but uh, so, um- would you like to go, maybe out, with me? Seeing you perform earlier today made me realize I'm in love with you. So, what do ya say?”

Valerie picked up her phone, “Come again?” She blinked.

“I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have asked you out. It's just, you're such a great person, and I'm such an okay person, and I could see us as a fit. Sorry, I'll see you in glee club tomorrow.”

“Wait, what, I never said no though. But, uhm, sure, I guess we can, uh, hang out,” Valerie answered.

“Really? I- i don't know what to say. I promise I won't screw up. How's Friday at 8, maybe the Lima Bean?” Sam jumped up and punched and kicked the air several times after overhearing his son got his first date.

“Sure, see you there,” Valerie smiled.

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