Glee is my number one favourite shows so much so that yesterday I started rewatching from

the beginning for like the 9th time and As I’m watching I’m thinking if I wasn’t watching

this with my bff who has never watched glee before I would skip to season two when we are

first introduced to the Warblers. Some many of my friends are Gleeks like me so we start

talking about what if they remade glee what would we want most of us would want it to be

called The Dalton Academy Warblers and as the title tells you it is framed mainly on the

warblers because can you imagine the hilarious drama that would have happened during the

Rein of Sebastian Smythe and Hunter Clarington. Some of my other Gleeks said they would

want it to Be set at the formation of the Dalton Warblers so we can find out about the Warblers traditions.

If there was a spin-off of glee what would you want?

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