"Why hello, safe and productive learning environment! So glad you called."

Welcome to McKinley! is a featurette on the Season One DVD set, Glee: The Complete First Season. It is a short video produced by Principal Figgins (with the help of the AV Department) to welcome incoming freshmen to William McKinley High School. The video includes:
  • An introduction to his secretary, Donna.
  • A tour of his office, including Figgins' explanation of his many golden bird statues;
  • Proper use of lockers and other school rules.
  • Descriptions of the music, foreign language, and athletic offerings at McKinley High.


  • Welcome!
  • Donna
  • Figgins Playing The Drumms!
  • Rules
  • Donna, the secretary


This is my secretary, Donna. She has been married three times. Children—Donna is to be respected, because she suffers from depression. You can tell because she is a woman and she owns a cat.

Principal Figgins, Welcome to McKinley!

This globe represents our diverse student body. At McKinley High, students come from as far away as Mexico!

Principal Figgins, Welcome to McKinley!

These miniature busts represent our two greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare.

Principal Figgins, Welcome to McKinley!

We work hard to construct a safe learning environment through a rigorous code of discipline:
1. No Monkeyshines!
2. No Sassback!
3. No Lolligagging!

Principal Figgins, Welcome to McKinley!

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