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William McKinley High School for the Performing Arts is a fictional school and one of the main settings in the show. The school is named after William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, who was born in Niles, Ohio. The school is supposed to be located in the city of Lima, Ohio, however no school in Lima is actually named McKinley. In Ohio, there are McKinley High Schools in Canton and Niles.

Many of the location scenes at McKinley were filmed at Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School in Long Beach, California and Helen Bernstein High School in Los Angeles, California, though auditorium scenes were filmed at a replica of the Cabrillo auditorium on the Paramount lot.

The school mascot is the Titans, and the school colors are red and black.

In Dreams Come True, the school becomes arts-oriented after Superintendent Harris made a pitch to the school board following New Directions' victory at the 2015 Nationals competition.


The school has many classrooms, a faculty lounge, a music room and an auditorium named The Finn Hudson Auditorium. Sports facilities include a football field and track, a baseball field, a gymnasium, and a weight room.



Name Occupation
Brad Pianist for New Directions

Brenda Castle

Astronomy Teacher
Badminton Coach
David Martinez Spanish Teacher
Donna Denny-Brown Secretary
Eleanor Doosenbury Geography Teacher
Emma Pillsbury Guidance Counselor
Henri St. Pierre Woodshop Teacher
Librarian School Librarian
Millie Rose Lunch Lady
Mr. Clippinger Study Hall Teacher
Geometry Teacher
Mr. Kidney Custodian
Nancy Bletheim Geometry Teacher
Penny Owen Nurse
Sam Evans Director of New Directions
Sheldon Beiste Football Coach
Roz Washington Individual Synchronized Swimming Coach
Cheerios Coach
Mr. Figgins Custodian/Janitor
Will Schuester Principal
  • Numerous other teachers have made uncredited non-speaking appearances in the background.


Name Occupation Reason
Ken Tanaka Football coach Resigned after suffering a nervous breakdown
Sandy Ryerson Glee Club director/arts administrator Fired for disorderly conduct
Terri Del Monico Nurse Fired for giving students over-the-counter drugs
Lillian Adler Glee Club director Possibly for having deceased
Holly Holliday Substitute (Spanish, sex ed, English, history, glee club) Left for a more stable job opportunity
Shelby Corcoran Troubletones Director
Substitute Teacher
Geometry Teacher
Quit because Quinn was going to tell Figgins about her affair with Puck.
Mrs. Hagberg Geography Teacher
Math Teacher
Home Economics Teacher
History Teacher
Finn Hudson Assistant New Directions Director Deceased
Rachel Berry New Directions Directress Left to pursue her dreams
Kurt Hummel New Directions Director Left to pursue his dreams
Blaine Anderson New Directions Director Left to pursue his dreams
Sue Sylvester Cheerios Coach
Fired after so many lies and evidence got discovered

Current Known Students

Name Year of Graduation
Bobby Surette Class of 2013-16
Brett Bukowski Class of 2013-14
De'wanda Umber Class of 2013-16
Dottie Kazatori Class of 2016
Jacob Ben Israel Class of 2013
Jane Hayward Class of 2015
Joe Hart Class of 2014
Josh Coleman Class of 2014
Madison McCarthy Class of 2016-18
Mason McCarthy Class of 2016-18
Phil Lipoff Class of 2013-16
Skylar Class of 2015
Sugar Motta Class of 2014
Spencer Porter Class of 2016-18
Wes Fahey Class of 2013-14
Myron Muskovitz Class of 2018-19
Alistair Class of 2015-16

Graduate Status Unknown

Name Possible Years of Graduation
Hank Saunders Class of 2011-13
Jake Puckerman Class of 2015*
The Mack Class of 2012-15
Marley Rose Class of 2015*
Ronnie Class of 2012-15
Ryder Lynn Class of 2015*
Scott Cooper Class of 2011-13
Sheila Class of 2012-15
Strando Class of 2011-14
Unique Adams Class of 2014-15*

*Transferred; most likely not graduated yet

Known Alumni

Name Year
April Rhodes Class of 1990*
Azimio Adams Class of 2012
Artie Abrams Class of 2013
Becky Jackson Class of 2013
Blaine Anderson Class of 2013
Brittany Pierce Class of 2013
Bryan Ryan Class of 1993
David Karofsky Class of 2012**
Finn Hudson Class of 2012
Jacob Ben Israel Class of 2013
Jake Puckerman Class of 2015**
Jesse St. James Class of 2010**
Kendra Del Monico Class of 1992
Kitty Wilde Class of 2015
Kurt Hummel Class of 2012
Lauren Zizes Class of 2013
Roderick Meeks Class of 2015
Sam Evans Class of 2013
Shane Tinsley Class of 2012
Sunshine Corazon Class of 2013-14**
Tina Cohen-Chang Class of 2013
Terri Del Monico Class of 1994
Will Schuester Class of 1994
Marley Rose Class of 2015**
Matt Rutherford Class of 2010-12**
Mercedes Jones Class of 2012
Mike Chang Class of 2012
Missy Gunderson Class of 2012
Noah Puckerman Class of 2012
Quinn Fabray Class of 2012
Rachel Berry Class of 2012
Rick Nelson Class of 2012
Rory Flanagan Class of 2014**
Ryder Lynn Class of 2015**
Santana Lopez Class of 2012
Suzy Pepper Class of 2010-11
Unique Adams Class of 2014-15**
Bassist Class of 2013
Drummer Class of 2013
Guitarist Class of 2013

*Didn't graduate; dropped out **Transferred; graduated from a different school

Extracurricular Activities

The school's Glee Club was called New Directions, and ran for four years (from 2009 to 2013, 2014 - present) and in their first year, they won Sectionals but lost Regionals to Vocal Adrenaline. The next year they tied with The Warblers at Sectionals and beat them and Aural Intensity at Regionals, but failed to place at Nationals. For there third year, they blazed through Sectionals and Regionals, and also prevailed in defeating Vocal Adrenaline for first place. For their final year, they lost Sectionals, but, due to a technicality, they were allowed to advance to Regionals, which they won, and at the 2013 Nationals, they lost to Throat Explosion. Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel, two graduated members, rebooted the glee club (with the same name) the next year (which is 2014). It was later seen in the second part of the series finale (Dreams Come True) that the New Directions won the 2015 Nationals, their second victory ever. This victory assured New Directions' permanent status in the school and even changed the school's main orientation: the Arts, as said by Superintendent Harris. In consequence, three more glee clubs were created (which includes the revival of The Troubletones), Will becomes the new Principal, and Sam is appointed as the new director of the club, which now has more than thirty members.

The cheerleading squad are called the Cheerios and are very successful, having won Nationals seven times in a row. Unlike the cheerleaders, the football team wasn't successful, until Coach Shannon Beiste came and taught the team about winning. The school also has a basketball and hockey team but there is little known about them. We do know that Dave Karofsky was on the hockey team and Finn, Matt, Puck, Ryder, and Jake are/were on the basketball team.


Name Current Leader/s Description
McKinley Titans Coach: Sheldon Beiste Football Team

Coach: Roz Washington
Captain: Bree

Cheerleading Squad; Perennial National Contenders.
A/V Club Former Leader: Lauren Zizes A club for background designs and props
Jazz Band Often provides accompaniment for glee club performances
Basketball Team Jake and Ryder joined this club after the disbandment of New Directions following the loss at the 2012 Sectionals.
Rugby Team Josh Coleman
New Directions

Director: Sam Evans

Former Directors: Will SchuesterRachel BerryBlaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel

Former Assistant Director: Finn Hudson

Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel rebooted the glee club after being disbanded for more than a year, following the loss at the 2013 Nationals.
Wrestling Team Lauren was a member of this club.
Thunderclap Victoria

Anderson Hummel

The school yearbook.
The Muckraker Victoria Anderson Hummel The school newspaper.h
Synchronized Swim Team Coach: Roz Washington Sam was a member of this club.
80's Club Victoria Anderson Hummel Victoria Anderson Hummel was a Member of the Club
The Secret Society of Superheroes Club

Adviser: Sheldon Beiste

Former Leader: Blaine Anderson

A club that wears costumes and have aliases, which main purpose is to fight injustice.
Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club A club started to show appreciation for sidekicks. Blaine was a member.
Floor Hockey Unique joins in Swan Song.
Interfaith Paintball Paintball team. A club where people of different religions can shoot at each other safely. Probably started as a safe way to deal with anger or discrimination between different religious groups at the school. Joe joins in Swan Song.
McKinley High Student Council

Former President: Blaine Anderson

Former Vice President: Sam Evans

Former Vice

President: Victoria Anderson Hummel

Tina and Sugar were members of the Student Council, until Sugar left it without explanation, and Blaine, Sam and Tina graduated in the fifth season.
Animal Husbandry Club Holly gives them a lesson in New Directions.
Tea Party Patriot Club

President: Gabriel

Claimed to be the most popular club of the school.
The Troubletones Former Director: Shelby Corcoran

Former President: Mercedes Jones

All girls glee club. Originally made for Sugar Motta; disbanded in Hold on to Sixteen after losing Sectionals. Revived by Will in Dreams Come True after McKinley becomes arts oriented.
Duly Noted All boys glee club. Founded by Will after McKinley became an arts school.
Junior Glee Club Glee club for underclassmen. Founded by Will in Dreams Come True.


Celibacy Club

Former Advisor: Emma Pillsbury
Former President: Quinn
Former Sub Advisor: Rachel

A club for students to promote celibacy.
Too Young to Be Bitter Club Tina Cohen-Chang A club for girls who were single, and were "bitter" about it. It should be noted that the club was shown again in Love, Love, Love with Tina being the only member left.
Old Maid's Club Former Advisor: Sue Sylvester Used to convince Rachel (Hell-O).
Badminton Team Former Coach: Brenda Castle
Heckling Club Sue A club started by Sue. Their job is to be rude during New Directions performances.
The God Squad Former Leader: Mercedes Jones A club for Christian students.
Muslim Students Club Rachel joined this club during her freshman or sophomore year.
Speech Club

Mock United Nations Club

Renaissance Club

Black Student Union

Unwed Mothership Connection

A club for pregnant students.
The Bully Whips

Former Co-founders: Santana Lopez and David Karofsky

Protects students (specifically Kurt) from bullies, To promote Karofsky and Santana to the Junior Prom.
Hockey Team
Golf Team One member of this club asked Santana to join after rumors about her sexuality spread in I Kissed A Girl.


  • Matthew Morrison paid a visit to the real McKinley High School in October 2010 as part of a campaign rally for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.[1]
  • The school hosted the show choir Sectionals in 2011 for the first time since 1963. (Hold on to Sixteen)
  • In the original script, it was called Harrison High. Source
  • According to Will the glee club was established in 1954. (Britney 2.0)
  • New New York was the first episode in the show's history to not feature any scenes in McKinley High.
  • This school shares a name with William McKinley High School, the main setting of comedy Freaks and Geeks and the movie Final Destination 3 (Cory Monteith appeared in that movie, though it was a small role).