The William McKinley Jazz Ensemble or Jazz Band is a group of student musicians at McKinley who often served as the backing band for Glee Club performances. The group's composition varies from episode to episode, though some members have been present since their first appearance in Pilot, the first episode of Season One.

Like Brad, the New Directions pianist, the Jazz Band members are (mostly) mute and are rarely acknowledged by the Glee characters. They were disbanded in New Directions, and their instruments were going to be sold to make money for two computer rooms where the Choir Room once was.

Notable appearances

Season One


Finn asks Artie to recruit the Jazz Band for the Glee Club's first performance of Don't Stop Believin'.

Season Two

A Very Glee Christmas

The Bassist is the first Jazz Band member to speak a line.

Season Three

Hold on to Sixteen

New Directions recruits several of the Jazz Band members in order to fill their 12-member requirement.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Some band members, including the Drummer and the Bassist, made back-up vocals in Rachel's performance, How Deep Is Your Love.


The Drummer is the second band member to have a line.

Season Four

Shooting Star

They do not speak but appear to have quite surprised reactions about Ryder being catfished.



Should we like, leave?

Bassist to Rachel, A Very Glee Christmas


Drummer about Mr. Schuester victory, Nationals

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