You Are Woman, I Am Man from Funny Girl is featured in The End of Twerk, the fifth episode of Season Five. It is sung by Rachel and Paolo. 

After Rachel gets a new hairdo to express her freedom, sense of rebellion and to explore herself as Fanny Brice, the director of Funny Girl, Rupert, isn't so pleased. But despite her hairdo, Rachel pushes on to rehearse the number with Paolo as Rupert watches on. He wants to be able to see the sexual stimulation between man and woman or Paolo and Rachel. The piano starts as Rachel takes a seat on the red sofa as Paolo sings. As he sings, Rachel expresses her inner Fanny Brice and joins in as they duet while Rupert watches on with satisfaction. But before the song finishes as Paolo whispers the final line "Let's...", Rupert tells them both to stop to their surprise and he says "The Haircut". Rachel braces herself to take criticism but Rupert loves it and says she is definitely Fanny. Rachel is filled with pure happiness. 


You are woman, I am man
You are smaller, so I can be taller than,
You are softer to the touch,
It's a feeling I like feeling very much.

You are someone I've admired,
Still, our friendship
Leaves something to be desired.
Does it take more explanation than this?

You are woman, I am man
Let's kiss.

Isn't this the height of nonchalance,
Furnishing a bed in restaurants?
Well, a bit of dinner never hurt,
But guess who is gonna be dessert?

Do good girls do just what mama says,
When mama's not around?
It's a feeling,
Oy vey, what a feeling.

A bit of pate?

Uh! I drink it all day!
Should I do the things he'll tell me to?
In this pickle what would Sadie do?
In my soul I feel an inner lack,
Just suppose he wants his dinner back?

Now I feel that there's a fire here,
Oh, try that once a little higher, dear,
What a beast to ruin such a pearl!
Would a convent take a Jewish girl?

Paolo and Rachel:

You are woman.

You are man.




Funny Girl You are woman, I am man

Funny Girl You are woman, I am man

You Are Woman, I Am Man (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

You Are Woman, I Am Man (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

You Are Woman I Am Man - Glee Cast HD FULL STUDIO

You Are Woman I Am Man - Glee Cast HD FULL STUDIO


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